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Friday, January 22, 2010

CHIROPRACTIC INDEX to all entries here

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CHIROPRACTIC INDEX to all entries here


"You can take the chiropractor out of the strip mall
but you can't take the strip mall out of the chiropractor."

Manipulation of the cervical spine: risks and benefits


Does Chiropractic Work?

Young Mom Dies After a Chiropractic Adjustment: Is "chiropractic stroke" to blame?

Chirocopalypse: British chiropractors running scared

Yelp User Faces Lawsuit Over Negative Review of Chiropractor

Beware the spinal trap - Simon Singh "Forbidden" article

Dead patient's estate sues chiropractor & others

Postage Stamp Honors Crusader Against Chiropractic Malpractice

VOCA Unveils Chiropractic Malpractice Postage Stamp..

Interesting observations from a chiropractor

Chiro book: What Chiropractors Don't Want You to Know About Chiropractic

Spinal manipulation for headache disorders

Professor savages homeopathy (and chiropractic)

ChiroPlot: the scheme to scam the competition.

Appeals Court Overturns Adverse District Court Ruling in American Chiropractic Association Lawsuit against HHS


Informed Consent ..... Chiro Style

Chiropractic Footbath cures everything

The Chiropractor and His Patient

The Manipulable Lesion -- A Chiropractic Rose By Any Other Name (Part 2)

Kinsinger Letter - chiropractic at University of Alberta

The Seven Stages of Chiropractic Deprogramming - Part 2

Revolutionary Marketing Tips for Chiropractic Professionals

The Seven Stages of Chiropractic Deprogramming

Chiropractic neck manipulation can cause injury or death -- video

What's so bad about chiropractic education?"

Spinal manipulation: Its safety is uncertain

Chiropractor's Marketing Techniques Probed

The Manipulable Lesion -- A Chiropractic Rose By Any Other Name (Part 1)

Doctor's suspension overturned

Ruling due Monday on chiropractor's license

Breast massage not standard [chiropractic] care -- expert

Revisions to "Dangers of chiropractic therapy"

Government reverses physiotherapy delisting


The Case of the Fatal Neck Adjustment

Victims of "chiropractic contracts"

Search: chiropractor quackery or not

Ease the strain on the neck

The Death of DD Palmer: Attempted Murder by His Son?

Foundations of Chiropractic, 2nd Edition - Subluxation

Subluxation: dogma or science?

Chiropractic Expert Witnesses

Concepts and The Future of Chiropractic. Fraud & Abuse

Life University's new advertising campaign

Legislate to Warn Public that Neck Manipulation can cause a Stroke -

Canadian Orthopractic Manual Therapy Association Guidelines

Slipped Disc: Misleading Terminology

Chiropractic Search Terms

Subluxation Awareness Week

Chiropractic Therapy for Neck Pain May Have High Rate of Adverse Reactions

Chiropractic anti-vaccination: Parents sue when player is benched

FSU: FSU 'College of Chiropractic' is a bad idea by Terry A. Rondberg, DC, WCA President

Agents probing hormone shipment

Pro-Adjuster quackery

Adjustments and manipulations are not the same

Quackery in Chiropractic

Health orders chiropractor to halt live blood analysis tests

Taxpayers Overbilled for Chiropractic Work

Are chiropractors necessary?

'Psychic surgeon' claims to remove patients' tumors without surgery

Chiropractic Anti-Vaccination Arguments

The Moral and Religious Duty of a Chiropractor - D. D. Palmer

Fraud in the MD/DC Arena

Chiropractor defends terrorist suspect

Health Care Heretic: blog by Larry Wyatt, DC

New chiropractic blog: Gary A. Knutson, DC

This Is Why .... Chiropractors Are Upset With This Site

Chiropractors v. Vaccination

Chiropractic treatment of the neck can be a risk factor for stroke

Chiropractic Tied to Rare Strokes

Chiropractors distort info negative to their practice

Neck Manipulation and Strokes: References

Risks Related to Manipulation of the Cervical Spine: Consequences for Evidence Based Practice

FSU: Serious pseudoscience (FSU chiropractic school)

Chiropractic: The Victim's Perspective

Medicine Man: Is chiropractic treatment potentially much more dangerous than most?

Chiropractor fined in toxin case

Chiropractor in Botox Probe Gets License

Chiropractic on the Student Doctor forum

Palm Beach Gardens chiropractor in botulism case is hit with fine

Judge criticizes head of chiropractors’ group

The Chiropractic Subluxation is Dead, Time Magazine

Fired Santana aide blames guru's 'test'

FSU: Does science have chiropractic's back?

Is Your Chiropractor Safe? Accreditor Admits 12% of Chiropractors Are Unqualified

Chiropractic loan default problem

Chiropractic college's top administrator steps down

Physiotherapy for elderly, youth covered under OHIP after government backs down

The Fourth Edition of the Skeptics' Circle

Chiropractic Books

Grand Rounds XXV: What to watch this week

Successful Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic - a study by Mahlon Wagner, PhD

Congregation of Universal Wisdom

Chiro images

FSU: Position Statement Regarding the Proposed Chiropractic School at FSU

Recognizing Pseudoscience

FSU: Comments on Abele Memo and FSU Proposal

FSU: Alternative medicine

The Third Skeptics' Circle

Lawsuit targets U.S. chiropractor group

Why I Left Chiropractic

Deadly quacks: Neurologists have long protested the practice of 'highest neck manipulation,'

FSU: Florida DC becomes State Senate majority leader

National Insurance Fraud Seminar focuses on chiropractic

Another Chiropractor Calls It Quits

Vitalism and the future of chiropractic

FSU: Chiropractic college killed

FSU: Board of Governors kills FSU chiropractic school

FSU: FSU chiropractic school DEFEATED!

FSU: Chiropractic school faces key vote

FSU: Breaking the back of legislative meddling

FSU: Does science have chiropractic's back?

FSU: Action Alert! Stop FSU School of Chiropractic

FSU: Action Alert! Stop FSU School of Chiropractic

FSU: Chiropractic: The Exception Does Not Justify the Rule

FSU: Sparks Fly Over FSU's Proposed Chiropractic School

FSU: Chiropractic school out of alignment with taxpayer interests

FSU: FSU Chiropractic School is Unneeded

FSU: Fair Vote On Chiropractic School Promised

FSU: Chiropractic College at FSU

FSU: Proposed School At FSU Heats Chiropractic Debate

FSU: Don't saddle FSU with chiropractic school

FSU: FSU Bonecrackers

FSU: Legislators, Gov. Bush Seek Cooperation

FSU: Lawsuit Takes Aim At Universities Board

FSU: Panel May Have Bone To Pick With Capitol

FSU: SICA Reflects on FSU Chiropractic College

FSU: Chiropractic school may cost state $84 million

FSU: FSU control over planned chiropractic school gets tense

FSU: Opponents Try to Kill Plan For FSU Chiropractic School

FSU: FSU chiropractic school deserves lack of support

FSU: Jeb Bush criticizes FSU handling of chiropractic school dispute

FSU: Making FSU flagship for subluxation theory of disease takes backbone

FSU: FSU: Restoring order

FSU: Opinion: FSU's hands-off approach

FSU: Opinion: Set record straight about chiropractic school

FSU: Summary Box: Chiropractic School Derided

FSU: Doctors, Others Deride Chiropractic School

Chiroquackery: Wellness May Be Adjustment Away

FSU: Chiropractic school faces opposition

No justification for the existence of chiropractic

FSU: Why the FSU Chiropractic School Shouldn't Happen

FSU: School could prove -- or dispel -- claims: Annotated - Greg Smith, MD

Homeopathic Remedy for Chiropractic Subluxations

FSU: FSU: Chiropractic school takes step forward

FSU: Proposed chiropractic school at FSU ignites furor between lawmakers, profs

FSU: Are Chiropractors "Back Doctors"?

FSU: FSU: Chiropractor school resistance stiffens

FSU: FSU Board of Trustees votes yes on chiropractic college

FSU: Funding for FSU Chiropractic School Faces Uphill Battle

FSU: Chiropractors, doctors feud over FSU plan

FSU: FSU: School could prove -- or dispel -- claims

FSU: Governors Say FSU Ad For Dean Premature

FSU: Will FSU school improve image of chiropractic?

FSU: FSU: Chiropractic has backers, but is it just voodoo?

FSU: FSU: Faculty: Hold off on chiropractic deal

Chiropractic Divorce

Chiropractic Nightmare

Chiropractic injury, spinal stenosis, cauda equina syndrome

FSU: FSU: Physicians urge school be stopped

FSU: Chiropractic school splits FSU

Ethical Analysis of Vertebral Subluxation Based Chiropractic

Unlikely Duo Proves True Chiropractic Success Looks Totally Different Than What the Gurus Say It Should

"Chiropractic is a new theology" -- Robert Clyde Affolter, DC

Health Care Heretic - blog by Larry Wyatt, DC

FSU: Controversy Erupts over Proposed Chiropractic College at Florida State University

FSU: Chiropractic School Becomes Nagging Pain At FSU

Dynamic Chiropractic Archives

Cultural Authority, Best Practices, and Chiropractic Theory: A Dilemma for Chiropractic?

Food for Thought 2005 - Keeping an Open Mind Works Both Ways (Muscle Testing for Nutritional Diagnosis)


FSU: FSUblius: (Florida State University)

FSU: Doctors threaten to quit FSU over school

FSU: FSU parody campus map: Google search

FSU: FSU chiropractic school: Google search

FSU: Administrators push for FSU chiropractic school

FSU: FSU: Twisted Arms, Twisted Egos, Twisted Politics

FSU: Chiropractic school angers FSU professors

FSU: FSU chiropractic school not a done deal just yet

FSU: A chiropractic school at FSU: Unanswered questions

FSU: More FSU Chiro Info - Important Dates

The Life Times


Medicare pilot project expands coverage for chiropractic care

Too Many New Patients! (chiro marketing)

Neurologic complications following chiropractic manipulation: a survey of California neurologists

Stroke following chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine

Comments on "In the Quest for Cultural Authority "

FACE Discussion Board - Before and After

In the Quest for Cultural Authority

BOOP (Bone Out Of Place)

FACE group segregates and bans critics

Innate intelligence: its origins and problems

Chiropractors and vaccination

Randy Ferrance, DC, MD on vaccination

Chiropractic position statement (portion)

Chiropractic's Legacy: Palmer Megalomania

Featured Internship Opportunity (chiro marketing)

ProAdjuster - chiropractic tool

FSU: So many questions....about FSU chiropractic school

FSU: Proposed School of Chiropractic at Florida State University

Sludge Doctor's Editorial

Scripts are for ACTORS not doctors. DCs use scripts......

PRESS RELEASE: Is Your Chiropractor Safe? Accreditor Admits 12% of Chiropractors Are Unqualified

Chiroquackery in the UK

Chiropractic Education - by John Badanes, DC, PharmD

John Badanes' incisive comments

Osteopathy and chiropractic - a little history....

Introductory Logic - Slick Maneuver Identification Tables

ICA files major brief in landmark Arkansas Chiropractic Board vs. PT Case

Life U's holiday lights twinkle off

Chiro Ammo Publishing - Products

How to Create Chiropractic Fanatics

FAACT - Families Against Abusive Chiropractic Treatments

Science Fair Projects - Chiropractic medicine

Chiropractic Technique May Pose Stroke Risk

Chiropractic Oranges

Attention Life alums - cult expert wants your story

Comparison of DC & MD disciplinary categories

Chiropractic's "Safe Haven"

Technique, Not Theory or Therapy

Summary of problems in chiropractic, by Diane

Reasoning error: that any idea granted a name is 'real'.

Quackery in Chiropractic

Chiropractors need re-education!

The elusive chiropractic "subluxation"


Getting the big picture

Chiropractic Assistant's Corner

Advice to a future DC

A blog *about* chiropractic and ADHD

Blogs by chiropractors or students

Anti-intellectual quote from B.J. Palmer

Blog quoting Theresa Neilsen Hayden

Theresa Neilsen Hayden's blog entry about chiropractic

G. Douglas Andersen, DC - An Exceptional Chiropractor

Chiropractic: Science or Religion?

Chiropractors and Immunization

Chiropractic Admission Standands Lowest among Health Professionals

The Famous ChiroPediatric Top 7

The 33 Chiropractic Principles

No justification for the existence of chiropractic

ChiroLinks: Chiropractic Resources, Articles & Links

What is "Real" Chiropractic?

Chiropractic Position Statement & Disclaimer

"Turf war," my tush! - by John Badanes, DC, PharmD

Chiropractic Assistants as Whistleblowers: An Invitation to Activism

D.D. Palmer's Religion of Chiropractic - D.D. Palmer letter, May 4, 1911

My latest satirical (exasperation) comment at Chirotalk

Chiropractic Search Terms

Here are some chiropractic searches (with a decidedly skeptical twist....;-) Use these searches in your research, then modify them as needed. Please inform me of interesting searches to add to this list.

chirolinks healthbase
chiropractic resources
chiropractic subluxation
chiropractic religion
chiropractic religion philosophy
chiropractic religion philosophy vitalism
chiropractic vitalism
chiropractic biotheology
chiropractic philosophy
chiropractic belief systems
chiropractic belief systems vitalism
chiropractic belief systems vitalism religion
chiropractic belief systems vitalism religion quack
chiropractic quack
chiropractic quackery
chiropractic unethical
chiropractic skeptic
chiropractic advice
chiro info
chiropractic treatment
chiropractic adjustment
chiropractic vaccination
chiropractic "anti-vaccination"
chiropractic anti vax
chiropractic "practice building"
chiropractic lifetime patients
chiropractic lifetime patients maintenance
chiropractic lifetime patients maintenance wellness
chiropractic daniel david palmer
chiropractic daniel david palmer quack
chiropractic daniel david palmer quackery
chiropractic dd palmer
chiropractic dd palmer quack
chiropractic dd palmer quackery
chiropractic bj palmer
chiropractic bj palmer quack
chiropractic bj palmer quackery
chiropractic bartlett j palmer
chiropractic "safe haven"
chiropractic joseph flesia
chiropractic flesia flesia
"Renaissance International" chiropractic
chiropractic "sid williams"
chiropractic "sid williams" "dynamic essentials"
chiropractic "dynamic essentials"
chiropractic "terry rondberg"
chiropractic rondberg
chiropractic reikeman
"guy reikeman"
chiropractic "tedd koren"
chiropractic "james parker"
chiropractic "chris kent"
chiropractic "patrick gentempo"
chiropractic "david singer"
chiropractic "C.J. Mertz"
chiropractic "Jay Morgan"
chiropractic "reggie gold"
chiropractic "Eric Plasker"
chiropractic "500 Club"
chiropractic "500/500 Club" 500
Lifetime Chiropractic Care for Everyone
chiropractic lcfe
"chiropractic assistant"
chiropractic assistant
"chiropractic assistant association"
chiropractic assistant forum
kiropraktik (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
chiropratique (French)
quiropráctica (Spanish)
kiropraktik information
kiropraktisk behandling
kiropraktisk klinik
kiropraktisk klinikker
kiropraktik kiropraktikkensfremme
kiropraktor behandling
kiropraktik alternativ behandling
kiropraktik kvaksalveri
kiropraktik religion


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