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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

VOCA Unveils Chiropractic Malpractice Postage Stamp Approved by US Postal Service

VOCA Unveils Chiropractic Malpractice Postage Stamp Approved by US Postal Service

Victims of Chiropractic Abuse releases a stamp about efforts to raise awareness of the risks of chiropractic treatment.

Westville, CT (PRWEB) August 29, 2007 -- Victims of Chiropractic Abuse, Inc (VOCA) is proud to announce it has designed and released a stamp commemorating and promoting its efforts to educate the public to the potentially severe health risks of chiropractic treatment. They are legitimate U.S. first-class postage stamps that can be used to mail any letter or package.

"The stamp will promote awareness of the health hazards of chiropractic neck manipulation to the many people who will send, receive, or see the stamp," said Janet Levy, President of VOCA. "Each stamp is like a mini billboard boosting our efforts to shine light on the dangerous practice of chiropractic neck manipulation."

Ms. Levy, along with hundreds of other people in the United States, suffered a stroke when a chiropractor dissected an artery in her neck.

In May of this year Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell signed into law SB-249 (Public Act No. 07-25) which - for the first time in Connecticut - makes chiropractor malpractice records public information. It followed unanimous approval by both houses of the Connecticut General Assembly.

For more information call 203-982-4575 or email voca93(at) or chirostroke(at)

About Victims of Chiropractic Abuse, Inc:Victims of Chiropractic Abuse, Inc. (VOCA),, was incorporated in May of 2005 to promote awareness of chiropractic risks through advocacy and legislation. VOCA seeks to require chiropractors to obtain informed consent from patients prior to treatment and believes malpractice claims against chiropractic physicians should be made public, just as they are for medical physicians.

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