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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eva Cassidy singing Over the Rainbow

Okay folks, this one's about music, especially Eva Cassidy, but also Katie Melua, Josh Groban, Sissel, Christina Aguilera, and Whitney Houston.

Here is a great Eva SlideShow, with her singing Over the Rainbow in the background.

Here you can see and hear her singing Over the Rainbow.

Other interesting finds at YouTube:

Michelle Kwan skating to "Fields of Gold"

Michelle Kwan - Fields of Gold - 2003 Worlds Exhibition

Michelle Kwan - Fields of Gold - 2002 Olympics

Kimmie Meissner, 2006 World Champion: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Eva Cassidy (unreleased) singing Summertime

For more of Eva Cassidy at YouTube.

My blog: Eva Cassidy: Legendary Singer

I can recommend that you go and buy all her CDs. Great listening from one of the greatest voices ever.

Katie Melua's song about Eva Cassdy - "Faraway Voice"

Katie Melua singing her big hit, "The Closest Thing To Crazy" [2003]

Katie sings "I Put A Spell On You"

Katie's website

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up

Josh Groban - The National Anthem

Josh Groban - You're Still You

Josh Groban & Sissel - The Prayer (Nobel Peace Prize Concert)

Josh Groban (on the drums)

His website

Whitney Houston - Star Spangled Banner

Christina Aguilera - Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem)

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