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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Saul Green, Ph.D. - extraordinary man of science

About Dr. Green:

Saul Green, Ph.D., is a highly regarded cancer researcher and a recognized expert in biochemistry, immunology, and nutrition. He is retired from the Sloan Kettering Institute in New York City. Dr. Green is an experienced consultant on the analysis of alternative medical treatments, and has given lectures and made TV appearances on this subject.

Among Dr. Green's noteworthy research accomplishments are the first isolation of Tumor Necrosis Factor from the blood of experimental animals, and the first identification of a similar protein in the serum of normal human blood. He has advised and directed the establishment of cancer research programs, interferon production and purification procedures from human cells, and the isolation and purification of naturally occurring Biological Response Modifiers.

Dr. Green is the author of over 40 technical publications. He is a charter member of the Council for Scientific Medicine, a board member of the National Council Against Health Fraud, an advisor to the American Council on Science and Health, and a member of the Alternative and Complementary Methods Advisory Group of the American Cancer Society.

Dr. Saul Green
President, Zol Consultants, Inc.
340 West 57th St. Suite 89
New York, New York 10019(212) 957-8029

Online Articles by Dr. Saul Green:

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