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Saturday, December 03, 2005

SWIFT December 2, 2005

SWIFT December 2, 2005

December 2, 2005

Teslar Again, Dumbed-Down TV, Thanks to Walgreen’s, “Creationists” Can Be Hilarious, Geller – Remember Him? – Shows Up Again, More Drama Down Under, Now I Believe, Another Win, A TV Challenge, Perhaps a Misunderstanding, Here’s a Sure Winner, Another Secret Subterfuge Revealed, Calling In Heavy Help, Does the Canadian Parliament Have Time for Aliens, More Wind from Winders, and In Conclusion…

Teslar Again
Dumbed-Down TV
Thanks to Walgreen’s
“Creationists” Can Be Hilarious
Geller – Remember Him? – Shows Up Again
More Drama Down Under
Now I Believe
Another Win
A TV Challenge
Perhaps a Misunderstanding
Here’s a Sure Winner
Another Secret Subterfuge Revealed
Calling In Heavy Help
Does the Canadian Parliament Have Time for Aliens
More Wind from Winders
In Conclusion...

Other news:
New logo T-shirts are available in the JREF Store.
Only three days left to bid on one of the last “Brunch with Teller” auctions.

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