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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions Operated by Stephen Barrett, MD. ... Hyperbaric Medicine: What Works and What Does Not? ... [Found on Google, Yahoo! Search]
This is not to say that chiropractors don't help people with aching backs, ... of chiropractic, which was featured in their Committee on Quackery. ... [Found on Google, Yahoo! Search]
Cancer Quackery
Cancer Quackery. William T. Jarvis, Ph.D. Beginning in 1915, the American Cancer Society gathered information on quackery by what came to be called the Ad Hoc Committee on Quackery. ... and... [Found on Yahoo! Search, MSN Search]
NCAHF Newsletter November/December 1990
NCAHF News, November/December 1990. Volume 13, Issue #6. HOW HEALTH FRAUD WORKS ... already had a doctorate in biology, became a chiropractor and made a science out of ripping off the ... S... [Found on Yahoo! Search, Ask Jeeves]
Confessions of a Quackbuster
... Adjustments and manipulations are not the same Quackery in Chiropractic Health orders chiropractor to halt live blood analysis tests Taxpayers Overbilled for Chiropractic Work Are chiro... [Found on MSN Search, Ask Jeeves]
THERMOSTAT. TRAVAIL. QUACKERY ... THE PROFESSIONS. QUACKERY. QUACKERY II ... Its spokesmen are not content to deal with the patients who ... of a Christian Scientist, a chiropractor or a po... [Found on Yahoo! Search, MSN Search]
The History of Quackery
The History Of Quackery. Mercury, the element, not the planet, was nicknamed "quicksilver" because it is silver in color and a liquid at room temperature. In German, the word is "quacksalbe... [Found on Yahoo! Search, Ask Jeeves]
The Quack-Files: No justification for the existence of chiropractic
But quacks use the same argument to justify their use of voodoo, witchcraft, ... A reality check reveals that chiropractic, as it now exists, would not have ... [Found on Google, Yahoo! Search]
Respectful Insolence (a.k.a. "Orac Knows"): Battling quackery in "conventional med...
"A statement of fact cannot be insolent." Miscellaneous ramblings of a surgeon/scientist on medicine and pseudomedicine, science and pseudoscience, history and pseudohistory, politics (and ... [Found on Yahoo! Search, Ask Jeeves]
10. Schooled not to be fooled (8/26/02)
Schooled not to be fooled. Portrait: James Randi. By Kim Clark ... A lot of people think this is not an approach that wins me friends ... Across from his office is a chiropractor. " Quacker... [Found on Yahoo! Search, Ask Jeeves]
Quack "Electrodiagnostic" Devices
ELAST's chiropractic marketing division is headed by Terry Rondberg, DC, ... EAV testing is not biofeedback treatment. I believe that the use of a ... [Found on Google]
Date: Thu Aug 25 1994 23:28:00 Subj: Chiropractic Quackery Exerpts ...
Date: Thu Aug 25 1994 23:28:00 Subj: Chiropractic Quackery Exerpts from +quot ... But it was not. Close reading of the judge's opinion shows she had little ... [Found on Google]
Tips on Choosing a Chiropractor
... performs or orders x-ray examinations of all patients. Most patients who consult a chiropractor do not need them. Be especially wary of full-spine x-ray examinations. This practice has ... [Found on MSN Search]
Applied Kinesiology - Muscle testing gone mad
AK or Applied Kinesiology was created by a chiropractor so that he could justify the sale of supplements to his patients. It is totally bogus, a carnival trick, a scam. ... was used by an A... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
My Visit to a Straight Chiropractor
... My Visit to a "Straight" Chiropractor Stephen Barrett, M.D. In November 1993, my wife and I began ... Since they (or their telemarketers) did not appear to know who I was, I decided tha... [Found on MSN Search]
16. Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor: Protocols ...
... to-find titles are not discounted and are subject to ... written more for the chiropractor but if you look at ... methods likewise endorse this quackery and include motion palpation and... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Chiropractic myths and quackery
Chiropractic myths and quackery abound, get the straight dope here, research backed ... and would recommend that you find a chiropractor who also does not encourage lifetime care. However, ... [Found on MSN Search]
We Get Letters
The so-called "quackery myth about chiropractic" is no myth. ... "Chiropractic procedure not only corrects athletic injury but also enables your body to ... [Found on Google]
Applied Kinesiology - N.E.T. or just a fine example of quackery
The Naked Chiropractor Insider's Guide to Combating Quackery and Winning the War Against ... the U.K. - (This one is not from a chiropractor, but... [Found on Ask Jeeves]
Iridology Quackery
... like to support our efforts to combat quackery, health and diet fraud we make it easy for you ... for Chiropractic Medicine. A scientific chiropractor will not: Use their status as a he... [Found on MSN Search]
The Quack-Files: Chiropractic Position Statement & Disclaimer
Nonsense and quackery are the rule, not the exception. ... Their success is not because of chiropractic, but in spite of it. It ... [Found on Google]
Multiple Sclerosis - Scams and Questionable Treatments
Multiple Sclerosis patients targeted by scam artists with questionable treatments ... Support HealthWatcher. Canadian Quackery Watch ... In fact, not one peer reviewed research study had be... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Cancer quackery exposed - Don't be fooled by shady doctors and their ...
Victims of Cancer Quackery can fight back. Our web site will arm ... kill the cancer and not just treat it until one dies." This guy ... by a fundamentalist TV chiropractor , who could have... [Found on MSN Search]
The Medical Messiahs: Chapter 20
... added, reflecting an optimism often echoed since, quackery could not flourish. Medicine has certainly been elevated ... and diets, and had a chiropractor break one of my legs with ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
The Quack-Files: Anti-Quackery Resources & Web Rings
1. Anti-Quackery Web Rings ----Anti-Quackery Web Rings Promoting and Connecting Internet Debunking Efforts. Unity in diversity, not in... [Found on Ask Jeeves]
Anti-Quackery Ring
Beyond the unproved theories, there exists a cult of chiropractors who are ... This list does not have the same type of function as the Healthfraud ... [Found on Google]
Neck911: Raising awareness of vertebral artery dissection resulting from chiropractic manipulation of the highest part of the human neck, this can... [Found on Ask Jeeves]
PBS Broadcast Angers Chiropractors
Well-reasoned criticism of chiropractic quackery has triggered an angry response from ... The program did not offer any of your pro-chiropractic guests an ... [Found on Google]
Chiropractic treatment of children derided as 'quackery' - Medical Post's Medicine
... Chiropractic treatment of children derided as 'quackery' ... Island and Quebec do not pay for pediatric chiropractic services ... Reux (DC) , a Toronto-area chiropractor who attended Dr... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
State: FSU chiropractic school not a done deal just yet
"Our position is not so much to attack chiropractic itself but to say there's ... teaches at his alma mater's medical school, called chiropractic "quackery. ... [Found on Google]
31. The Naked Chiropractor Insider's Guide to Combating Quackery and Winni...
... The Naked Chiropractor Insider's Guide to Combating Quackery and Winning the War Against Pain (Hardcover) ... adhere to the 1800's quackery myth. Chiropractic is not a cult, a religion ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
CQ - Canadian Quackery Watch - Protecting the public when the...
...jensen daren-jensen pocatello chiropractor cstc zoetron ftc competition-bureau quackery david ... PM Although not all New Yorkers view it with... [Found on Ask Jeeves]
Confessions of a Quackbuster: CHIROPRACTIC INDEX to all entries here
... Adjustments and manipulations are not the same Quackery in Chiropractic Health orders chiropractor to halt live blood analysis tests Taxpayers Overbilled for Chiropractic Work Are chiro... [Found on MSN Search]
Alternative Therapies - Natural Treatments - Home Remedies - Herbal Remedies
Information on home remedies, natural treatments, and other alternative therapies for arthritis. Natural treatments and alternative medicine can serve to complement more traditional arthrit... [Found on About]
So, you always wanted to be a chiropractor?
... will save a whole lot. The Chiropractor's Self-Help Back and Body Book Sam ... Quackery and Winning the War Against Pain Dr. Preston H. Long The Naked ... prefer that you did not know. ... [Found on MSN Search]
Chiro Pediatrics - Global News - Toronto - April 10, 2002 - Transcript
Global TV's chiro/pediatrics news minute failed the test. ... Chiropractic anti-vaccine. Cancer quackery. Quack machines ... of at least two children C-1 - Chiropractor #1 - Not identified ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Pediatric Chiropractic - Warnings to parents
The Naked Chiropractor Insider's Guide to Combating Quackery and Winning the War Against ... that in Ontario this is not allowed. The CCO does not... [Found on Ask Jeeves]
38. Books: The Naked Chiropractor: Insiders' Guide to Combating Quackery an...
... The Naked Chiropractor: Insiders' Guide to Combating Quackery and Winning the War Against Pain ... no furhter then Preston Long, Ph'D. Not just some of this book is lies but ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
The Quack-Files: "Alternative" Medicine, Quackery, Health Fraud - The Other Side o...
... Douglas Andersen, DC - An Exceptional Chiropractor. Letter to a chiropractor regarding Sacro Occipital Technique ... rings that can appear below them are NOT anti-quackery rings. ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Chiropractic care, are there any benefits?
A look at the claims of chiropractic care and the lack of beneficial help. ... family and friends who swear by them, but as the saying goes " anecdotes does not science make ... The Naked C... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Fibromyalgia and Chiropractor Criteria
Learn what to look for and what to ask for to get the most for your fibromyalgia and chiropractor visits. ... This is not the type of chiropractor that I would recommend ... There are a num... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Anne's Anti-Quackery & Science Blog: Is chiropractic really complete garbage? I wa...
... I have to admit that I have used the services of a chiropractor once in my life ... Natural is not necessarily safe. Anti-Quackery Web ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Lies and deceit in alternative medicine
My views and links to the bogus claims of alternative medicines. ... sometimes lethal. But quackery is not confined to individuals who ... will astound you. Quackery often leads to harm bec... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Confessions of a Quackbuster: No justification for the existence of chiropractic
... the individual, ethical, science-based chiropractor, is not a sufficient counterweight in the scales ... of so-Called "Alternative Medicine" (sCAM) and quackery. All of these practices ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Confessions of a Quackbuster: Chiropractic: The Exception Does Not Justify the Rul...
... No one ever really needs to go to a chiropractor. They are not the only choice ... focus of discussion away from the quackery so pervasive in their profession, to manipulation ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Response to Chirobase, 8/14/01
Your Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories, and Practices. I Know What You Do with Your Quackery Website. August 14, 2001. Greetings Sirs: I have just read your lengthy statemen... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Local chiropractor feels the 'energy' - Daily Iowan - Metro
Local chiropractor feels the 'energy', Steve Hammerstrom believes in thinking outside the box , Daily Iowan, a newspaper of University of Iowa ... is typical of any chiropractor - kids' boo... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
chiroweb DC archives - we get letters and e-mails
"Treat Patients for What They Need, Not What the Insurance Pays" Dear Editor, I am a chiropractor from Canada and have... fearful attitudes that have been heaped upon our beloved profession... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Back Pain
Back Pain,Skeptics,Scams, Medical Quackery, Chiropractor ... a visit to a chiropractor consists initially a general review ... Sometimes the chiropractor takes x-rays of your back to determ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Unlicensed chiropractor's work leaves pain, outrage
... Early practitioners were frequently accused of quackery, and it took years before the profession gained ... Charles Fulk, an Olathe chiropractor who is not connected with the case ...,local/3acd21... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
The Quack-Files: Treasure Chest of Quotes & Jokes: Page 2
... "I understand there are many who feel that a "real" chiropractor would not practice this way ... use of the word fraud or quackery. > is used altogether too ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Water quackery schemes and scams
A retired chemistry prof's view of absurd claims and pseudoscientific nonsense about 'healing waters' and similar quackery. ... Junk science and quackery in the marketplace ... are written ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Comments on 20444 MetaFilter
Monday, October 03, 2005. 4:50 PM PST. Tags: October 1, 2002 ... My mother was a chiropractor, so I grew up receiving spinal adjustments on practically a daily basis ... stretching and mass... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Chirobase: Your Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories, and Practices
... Accurate information about chiropractic is not easy to get ... Views of a Reformist Chiropractor (link to another site ... Colon Therapy and Related Quackery (posted 8/29/98 ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
This is the 1996 annual meeting of the Federation of State Medical Boards of the U...
... twelve years is to formally study quackery. Hunting quackery is not like a snipe hunt folks - these ... country, Kurt W. Donsbach. A chiropractor, we think we have chelationists around ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
New Life Chiropractic Clinic - About Chiropractic
... As a chiropractor, there is rarely a day that goes by that I do not have to clear ... It was called the Committee on Quackery. It has been revealed that ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
New Page 2
The "Plan of '96" This is a transcription of the recording of part of the 1996 annual meeting of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), recorded live, April 10th through 13th, 1996 ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Golf Rewind - Chiropractor
Golf forums for golfers to discuss all golf related topics in each respective golf forum. There are golf forums dedicated to general discussion, tour talk, golf equipment, golf tips and mor... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Skeptics Canada: Skeptical Topics
Pediatric chiropractic found to be mostly 'quackery' in newspaper investigation. by Eric McMillan. Judy Matthews is an active 11-year-old girl who plays baseball and soccer. She is apparent... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
NCAHF - Position Paper on Chiropractic
... If chiropractic were to purge itself of its quackery and offer valid back care, it could expect a ... A scientific chiropractor will not: Use the title "doctor" in such ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
A. Robert Smith: Excerpt from "Misdiagnosed"
Paraview offers books, eBooks, articles and streaming video, and print on demand. ... interviewer that her "chiropractor and a friend" helped her through this crisis. Not only did she ... h... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
the chiropractor, Silver... dentist Darryl Curl,DDS,DC
Dental care is important for everyone's good health. Persons who have difficulty with performing the tasks of regular dental hygiene... The Chiropractor, Silver-Mercury (Amalgam) Dental Fil... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
xxx church :: the prayer wall - Quackery
xxx church :: the prayer wall - Quackery xxx church :: the prayer wall ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
What's alternative? - December 1997 - FP Report
... believe in it or not. Or we think it should ... was felt to be "quackery, fraudulent, absolutely couldn't work." ... patients with chronic lower back pain see a chiropractor. ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
... Alternative medicine and quackery: what various alternative healing ... pocus by visiting a chiropractor undercover as a patient ... of coral calcium is not very different from calcium ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Miscellany from a liberal atheist biology professor in rural Minnesota ... and discovered this whole foundation of quackery and pseudoscience, subluxations and magnetic medicine ... go to a... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
67. - Homeopathic Medicines & Static Electricity
Intelligent community discussion of science, religion, philosophy, and technology. ... I have some friends who swear by their chiropractor. They have been going to him at least once ... ins... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
New Life Chiropractic Clinic - Medical vs Chiropractic Philosophy
... As a chiropractor, why do you feel your profession has ... by that I do not have to clear up a ... It was called the Committee on Quackery. It has been ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
essential Wellness: Chiropractic - More Than Back-cracking
March 2001. Chiropractic - More Than Back-cracking. by Christine Grams. IN 1983, WHILE working as a registered nurse at a Minneapolis hospital, I severely injured my low back lifting a pati... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
LINKS: Radiology Consultants Associated does not endorse, approve, certify, or control these external addresses and does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, timeliness, or c... [Found on Yahoo! Search]

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