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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pro-Adjuster quackery

After reading this type of stuff so often, I am nearly allergic to the words "new FDA-approved technology." Those words are often a red flag for quackery:

Amador Chiropractic offers state-of-art technology

Friday, July 01, 2005

By Marcia Oxford

The trio of chiropractic doctors at Amador Chiropractic in Jackson are among the first chiropractors in the country to offer a revolutionary, new FDA-approved technology. They hail the advent of technology that provides an objective evaluation and adjustment alternative to the traditional chiropractic "hands on" approach. Drs. Christopher Sienes, Denise Mathre and Bryon Cloyd are using the new technology in their office at 665 New York Ranch Road, Ste. 1.

According to Sienes, the Pro-Adjuster utilizes space-age technology to locate and then correct spinal and other problems. Information derived from the Pro-Adjuster is graphically displayed to allow a chiropractor to pinpoint a problem area and determine the exact adjustment needed. Patients can also visualize their problem and see improvement.

"This kind of technology in analyzing the problem and objectively measuring changes never existed before in our field," Sienes said. "Not only are the results excellent, but the element of fear is removed from the mind of many patients."

The chiropractor evaluates and adjusts patients with the Pro-Adjuster while patients are seated and their spine is in mild flexion, a position allowing the joints between the vertebra to open up so each can be individually analyzed and adjusted. Unlike other types of chiropractic adjustments, there is no torquing or twisting of the spine. According to information available on the Pro-Adjuster, "The potential for humans to end pain and achieve their peak nervous system enhancement has never been greater."

Based upon evaluation of an echo from a mild, 6-pound percussive force on the patient from the Pro-Adjuster, a sensor reads the mechanical output. With the use of software, the chiropractors can analyze patient vertebrae via a bar graph, waveform analysis or vertebral resonating frequency. Once adjustment needs are identified, the practitioners can use the Pro-Adjuster to adjust the problem area(s).

"With a traditional chiropractic evaluation, it is sometimes difficult to determine the level of biomechanical improvement," said Mathre. "Compared to the 98 percent reproducibility we get with the Pro-Adjuster, the reproducibility of motion palpation, the most accepted method of determining joint mobility used by chiropractors until now, is under 50 percent."

Sienes has had a chiropractic practice for 19 years, Mathre for eight years and Cloyd for almost two years. Zelma Veteto, shown in the photo as the "patient," has been a chiropractic office manager for 34 years.

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