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Sunday, March 13, 2005

My start in blogging

Here is who is responsible for getting me started in blogging. Her name is Sidsel Larsen, a brilliant Danish biologist:

She provided the encouragement and a couple links. I followed her advice, and you can see the result!

Sidsel is an entomologist, with a special interest in spiders. She also has several websites:

Sidsels sted på nettet

Sidsel Larsens hjemmeside på

She is also the editor of the journal of the Danish Biology Society (my translation), named Kaskelot

Here's the documentation for her role in my becoming a blogger:

Hej Paul

Velkommen i blogosfæren - måske skal du også have dig en blog? :-)


Posted by: Sidsel Larsen at 05.07.2004 22:59


Nu har jeg startet min blog:

Paul’s blog — Confessions of a Quackbuster

Posted at 10.07.2004 11:24