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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Plain Prey

Plain Prey

By nature, Amish and Mennonites are simple, honest ... and eager buyers of suspect medicine.

Part 1
Dubious cures dispensed to a vulnerable people
'Pacifism is at the heart of everything we do every day'
Who are the 'Plain People'?
Many pinned their hopes on worthless device
Questionable remedies
State dismisses case against physician

Part 2
Hucksters peddle to naive customers
Plain life can't guarantee health
Amish 'voodoo' applies belief in healing power

Part 3
Medical Mecca? Tijuana clinics draw plain people
Clinic doesn't live up to sunny publicity
Old mines yielding new bonanza: Radioactive gas
Border clinics: People travel thousands of miles seeking cures and solace

Part 4
Elsie's tragedy: Girl's story epitomizes Amish plight
Skeptical bishop warns of quackery, fraud
Cultural differences test a prosecutor's power of persuasion

Here's Help
Resources to help you detect and fight medical fraud

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An update:
'Plain people' sharing series on health issues.
Doctor's hearing set for June.

Information on the history, tradition and beliefs of the Amish and the Mennonites

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