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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Florida DC becomes State Senate majority leader

This is the team that attempted to con the political system into forcing a school of chiroquackery onto FSU:

Florida DC becomes State Senate majority leader

Dynamic Chiropractic, Jan 27, 2003

Dr. Dennis Jones (R-Seminole) has been named the majority leader of the Florida Senate. The 61-- year-old Jones, who graduated from Lincoln College of Chiropractic in 1963, was chosen majority leader by Senate President Jim King to help develop policy and promote the Republican Party's agenda. Dr. Jones is believed to be the first doctor of chiropractic to hold this high a position in the Florida political system.

'Throughout the years, Dennis has become my best friend and strongest political ally,' King said. 'I have the utmost confidence in his political leadership, his ability to get things done, and his unwavering loyalty.'

Before winning a Senate seat in 2002, Dr. Jones served in the Florida House of Representatives for more than two decades, and received many awards from a variety of professional organizations. Among his accolades, he received the D.I. Rainey Legislative Award from the Florida Chiropractic Association three times, and was named the Florida Chiropractic Society 'Legislator of the Year' in 1996. In addition to his duties as a legislator, he maintains a practice in St. Petersburg with his son, Rod.

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