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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

More FSU Chiro Info - Important Dates

More FSU Chiro Info - Important Dates

- An important on-campus skirmish for the chiro school issue is upcoming at 3 PM on Thursday, Jan. 13. It is an open hearing to air the issues on both sides before the Graduate Policy Committee, chaired by Dr. George Bates, of Biology. The medical community and faculty has a lot of confidence in Bates and that committee to hear the evidence, study the issues, and do the right thing. They are academics and that is good. It is politicians and $$ which have corrupted us on this issue. The anti-chiropractor side will be aired, with great assistance from Bill Kinsinger, an Oklahoma City anesthesiologist and very good speaker, who will convince anyone in the room not already convinced (that may turn out to be a small group) that the chiropractor school is a horrible idea for FSU. Following open airing of the issues for the FIRST TIME the GPC will vote and that opinion may well stick a knife in the heart of the chiro school as their opinion goes the next day, at 1 PM on Jan. 14, to the Board of Trustees, chaired by John Thrasher, who has already indicated his desire to have the chiro school issue approved. Both of these sessions are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and students and faculty may all see how this plays out.

- The night of January 13, the same issues are to be aired at a public session at 7:30 PM just off campus at either the Turnbull Center or at Ruby Diamond, probably the former, which will be cosponsored by the Capital Medical Society and the Tallahassee Scientific Society. It has been attempted to get the Florida Chiropractic Society to send their designee to oppose Kinsinger at these forums, but their president has yet to return phone calls. Kinsinger may well be unopposed, not such a bad thing. The anti-chiro position is that the more the issue is discussed and the more people are aware of what is going on, the better. The chiropractic school seemed to have the greatest chance of becoming a reality if no one knew about it.

- Finally the Board of Governors on Jan. 27, in Gainesville, at the Reitz Center, will vote up or down on the issue.

- Later, I will have a tongue-in-cheek updated FSU campus map of the science facilities sent to me by an FSU science faculty member. Apparently this faux map is making the rounds on campus and renames many of the buildings. For instance there is the Yeti Foundation, the School of Astrology, the Institute of Telekinesis, the Palmistry Institute and the Crop Circle Simulation Laboratory, etc. - Please note I have also posted e-mail addresses for the FSU BOT and the Florida BOG at the thread pinned to the top.

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