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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Comparison of DC & MD disciplinary categories

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2004; 27(7): 472-7.


Chiropractors disciplined by a state chiropractic board and a comparison with disciplined medical physicians.
Foreman SM, Stahl MJ.

To determine categories of offense, experience, and gender of disciplined doctors of chiropractic (DC) in California and compare them with disciplined medical physicians in California.

Retrospective reviews of publicly available data from the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

The DC disciplinary categories, in descending order, were fraud (44%), sexual boundary issues (22%), other offenses (13%), abuse of alcohol or drugs (10%), negligence or incompetence (6%), poor supervision (2%), and mental impairment (.3%).

The professions differ in the major reasons for disciplinary actions. Two thirds (67%) of the doctors of chiropractic were disciplined for fraud and sexual boundary issues, compared with 59% for negligence and substance misuse for medical physicians. Additional study in each profession may reveal methods to identify causes and possible intervention for those who are at high risk.-->-->


From full text

Table 4.

Incidence rates of disciplinary actions calculated per 1000 doctors per year in each profession

Incidence rate DC MD Difference

Total 4.5 2.27 + 98.23 %

Fraud 1.99 .20 + 895 %
Sexual 1.01 .23 + 339 %
Other offenses .60 .34 + 76.4 %
Alcohol, drugs .478 .56 − 14 %
Negligence .29 .77 − 62 %
Supervision .10 .04 + 150 %
Mental impairment .02 .11 − 81%
Data used from Table 2.

DC, Doctor of chiropractic; MD, medical doctor.


Quite the comparison. Number one is fraud, so there's lots of room for reform.