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Friday, May 20, 2005

FDA warning letters to firms for marketing illicit "cure-all" products

FYI...The following are links to 5 recent FDA warning letters to firms for marketing illicit "cure-all" products:
(Note: links to firm websites follow the firm name)

2. Two Feathers, Inc. for "Healing Formula" (aka Compound X), which is promoted for the treatment and cure for cancer, tumors and venereal diseases.

3. Tropical Traditions for "Organic Virgin Coconut Oil," "Ampalaya," "Banaba," "Banaba PlusTM," and "Sambong," which are promoted for treatment of AIDS and other viral diseases,inflammatory bowel syndrome, congestive heart failure, diabetes and other serious diseases.

4. Priority One Nutritional Supplements for 13 products promoted with claims to treat multiple serious diseases:

5. Physician's Choice for multiple products promoted with disease claims on the firm's website and in firm catalogs.

6. Cell Quest for promoting CellQuest Liquid and CellQuest Gel with claims to prevent and halt malignant cell growth and others.

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