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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Seven Stages of Chiropractic Deprogramming - Part 2

A great thread at Chirotalk!

The Seven Stages of Chiropractic Deprogramming - Part 2

Comments by John Badanes, DC, PharmD

Today at 7:22pm, rulerboyz wrote:
The revolt may have been simply directed at Sid's methods, which are very overt examples of religion bombing in Chiropractic.

Still, that's a "relative" thing, if you'll pardon the pun

Pointing fingers at the most charbroiled chiropractors, like Sid, only embeds the chiropractic illness further into the organism. These "overt" examples from the reality show, Extreme Chiropractic, only represent designated patients in a sick chiropractic family. It's psychiropractically and professionally advantageous for the more medium done and lightly toasted chiropractor to pretend that it's these fully naked chiropractors wearing antlers strapped to their heads who are the quacks and who are ruining the chiropractic party. It makes their chiropractic cover seem "legitimate" by comparison (only), even as they are themselves busy, busy, busy "checking the legs," making sure that the Atlas is "zeroed-out," and running neurocalometers up and down the spine -- as seen in the Scientific American Frontiers show, "A Different Way to Heal?" (see below)

I would ask these DCs, as I often do, "Why are these people laughing" -- in this case, at "a Sid?" Do the enthusiasts featured in this video, for example, honestly believe they're all that more ... ahem ... "legitimate" than, let's say, a Toftness, B.E.S.T. or Network practitioner? How about those who are presumably "revolting" at LCCW? The point is, DCs are splitting chiropractic hairs when their argument is they're much different from any other chiropractor. Instead of antlers, maybe they've got a crumpled piece of aluminum foil fashioned into a pyramid on their head, or one of those toys that makes you look like you've got an arrow going through it. But, who's counting. Not any of them, it seems.

Deflecting attention to the drooling fig-newton with the confident and imbecilic chiropractic grin is one strategy used to rationalize the notion of the "legitimate" chiropractor. And, it works, too. No one notices that the ENTIRE chiropractic curve is shifted well to left of center if the quack scale is also to include the best of biomedicine on the far right.

"Doctor Quackenbush ... your patient is here."


John Badanes, DC, PharmD
LCCW '84, UCSF '97


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