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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Revolutionary Marketing Tips for Chiropractic Professionals

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Revolutionary Marketing Tips for Chiropractic Professionals
Attracting rather then "getting" new patients is the essential key in Revolutionary Advanced Marketing.

/24-7PressRelease/ - December 03, 2005 - Are you doing one of these things to attracts new patients?

If Not... You Are Leaving Piles of Cash on the Table!

Five things to remember in attracting new patients
-- Visibility - are you visible?
-- Delivery-
-- Execution-
-- Acquisition-
-- Leadership-

Your energy, your plan, your action, and your consistency is what makes it work but following a Revolutionary Marketing system is what makes it happened. You and your team have to have consistency in your systems and programs you work in your office. Following these simple steps will help your practice explode.

Criteria for successful marketing
-- Investigate what is your competition doing and do the same but in Revolutionary Advanced way.

Layout of a Successful marketing plan
Compassion to serve --_ Plan --_ Action --_ Follow Through

Revolutionary Advanced Marketing Tips

1. First and far most important first step is to be visible on the internet (are you stuck in the 20th century or you want to take your practice to the today's advanced revolutionary systems)
2. Do you have your web site?( Every successful doctor must have a web site, it is a strong influential statement for his status in the community where he/she lives in and professional achievement as a practitioner.)
3. Let patients know who you are and how long you have been in the business.
4. Let them know about your staff, who they are and what their duties are. (Have your patients know you and trust you even before they come in.)
5. Offer Certificate before they come to adjustment.
6. Your web is the essential key that will Educate your patients about the illness they have and how you can help them.
7. Have them subscribe to your wellness news letter with the health tips.
8. Send them a e-postcard and thank them for choosing you as their Chiropractor of choice.
9. Have your staff give out your visit cards with your web site on it.
10. Follow-up after first visit. Let them know that you care.
11. Send them greeting cards for holidays or birthdays.
12. Schedule a Golden visit
13. Watch for the excitement
14. Take it to the next level with a care to share
15. Offer Certificate if they Bring a spouse or family member to the report of findings
16. Have child friendly office corner
17. Send e-Letters or congratulation cards to families of new babies.
18. On your answering machine announcement include your website address let them send you an email with their questions and concerns, also let them know that they can print out the health forms on your web site and fill it out at their on convenient time even before they come to a appointment.
19. Don't overload patient; make it smooth.
20. Use our simple and proven formula to flood your office with Referrals

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" How to Avoid 10 Devastating Mistakes Most Chiropractors make When Building and Managing their Practices"
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