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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ruling due Monday on chiropractor's license

Ruling due Monday on chiropractor's license
Saturday, November 05, 2005
By Shantell M. Kirkendoll

LANSING - A Fenton chiropractor accused of providing unorthodox breast manipulations will learn Monday if his license suspension will be lifted.

"Normally I would render a decision today, but there's testimony and exhibits I'd like to look through," Administrative Law Judge Erick Williams said Friday at the end of the defense's case.

Dr. Robert J. Moore, 40, a chiropractor at TLC Chiropractic, endured three days of testimony in which his techniques and office policies were critiqued by police and a fellow chiropractor who said it was unnecessary to ask a teenage patient to disrobe for adjustments to correct her uneven breasts.

Legally, Michigan chiropractors can only treat spinal problems and back pain. Moore has been accused by the state attorney general's office of negligence, incompetence and lack of good moral character.

Moore will have the chance to address those charges during a future administrative hearing, but in the meantime the state Department of Community Health made an emergency license suspension Sept. 26.

"There was nothing sudden and egregious to require taking away his livelihood before he's had the opportunity for a fair hearing," said Moore's attorney, Richard Kraus, who called the 15-month-old complaints "stale."

In closing arguments, Assistant Attorney General Michele Wagner said the state did not want to "jump the gun" and took its time to complete a thorough examination.

The first complaint was made in 2003 by a former 16-year-old file clerk who said she underwent "uncomfortable" exams and manipulations of her ribs and collarbone by Moore.

Because he never touched her sexually, the incident was not investigated by the state licensing board and the Genesee County Prosecutor's office denied a warrant to charge him with sexual misconduct, a Fenton Police Department detective testified in the case.

In 2004, another teenage file clerk underwent breast adjustments after-hours and at Moore's home, where she worked as a baby sitter for his son, the now-18-year-old girl testified last week.

Her parents made her quit the job July 12, 2004, after a home visit in which Moore's wife walked into the couple's basement where the girl was having a breast adjustment, she said.

Both girls said they believed having the treatments was a condition of employment. However, former office manager Melissa Justice testified Friday that the adjustments by Moore were a job perk, not a requirement.

"They encouraged you to get adjusted, but you don't get fired if you don't," Justice said.

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