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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cuba Demonstrates Its (un)Scientific Expertise in Natural Medicine

This should be more accurately entitled:

Cuba Demonstrates Its (un)Scientific Expertise in Natural Medicine

Cuba Demonstrates Its Scientific Expertise in Natural Medicine

Havana, Nov. 16 (AIN) Cuban medical practitioners are exhibiting their proficiency in the field of natural medicine at the first Ibero American Congress on Natural Medicine and Products underway in Havana.

In seminars and workshops, the participants are exchanging ideas on the application of therapeutic approaches that include acupuncture, homeopathy, ozone therapy, yoga, the production of medicines from vegetables.

The event began on Monday and will run until Friday at Havana's International Convention Center with the participation of 163 specialists and health promoters from Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, El Salvador, Guatemala, Spain, France, Colombia and Cuba.

Dr. Elisa Aznar Garcia, president of the Confederation of Natural Medicine for Central America and the Caribbean, and the organizer of the conference, said that Cuba is willing to host the World Congress on Natural Medicine in 2008. The conferences are held every two years.

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