Confessions of a Quackbuster

This blog deals with healthcare consumer protection, and is therefore about quackery, healthfraud, chiropractic, and other forms of so-Called "Alternative" Medicine (sCAM).

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Red Hot Blogs of the Day

Red Hot Blogs of the Day (Oct. 30, 2005)
Sample entry:
With epidemiologists and virologists counting the months until a pandemic of avian flu strikes, it has become all-too-obvious that one of the most effective measures will be isolating infected and likely-to-be-infected populations. But 'quarantine' scares people to death, unless (perhaps) it can be rebranded - as 'community shielding'.

Confessions of a Quackbuster
About the blogger:
I confess to being a skeptic (I have a naturalistic world view) who is concerned about healthcare consumer protection, and therefore about quackery, healthfraud, chiropractic quackery, and other forms of so-Called "Alternative" Medicine (sCAM).

Dr. Terry Polevoy
From Dr. Polevoy:
To be the target of lunatics and fanatics is not much fun. As a public figure in the battle against quackery it comes with the territory. But, when these people play down and dirty and use my name as part of a blog, it becomes a matter of defamation and libel. This Blogspot is my attempt to disclose the details of my fight against these people and their organizations.

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