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This blog deals with healthcare consumer protection, and is therefore about quackery, healthfraud, chiropractic, and other forms of so-Called "Alternative" Medicine (sCAM).

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Quack-Files: Keywords

Here's an interesting list of keywords I just found:

Keywords found : cancer, medicine, chiropractic, alternative, therapy, health, tumor, fraud, pt, consumer, my, protection, treatment, resources, quackery, special, robert, links, james, r, homeopathy, research, freedom, herbs, bolen, scam, bias, tim, dc, complementary, chiropractor, homeopathic, practices, objective, believers, informed, fanatics, articles, harriet, quacks, issues, biased, clark, herb, hall, cure, coin, web, other side of the coin, physical therapy, the other side, effectiveness, conspiracies, vaccination, naturopathy, kinesiology, scientific, metastasis, interested, disclaimer, believe in, increases, homeopath, conscious, choose to, straight, paranoia, internet, activism, opinion, healing, contact, system, school, nature, water, using, sites, rings, quack, peter, false, cults, count, site, read, lies, diet, map, cam, me, md, dr, am, s, n, the other side of the coin, physical therapist, radiation therapy, health insurance, on the contrary, null hypothesis, antivaccination, acknowledgement, nasopharyngeal, in other words, true believer, solicitations, participation, justification, falsification, testimonials, superstition, purple heart, professional, manipulation, investigated, introduction, immunization, hypothetical, fluoridation, craniosacral, cornerstones, chemotherapy, white house, suppression, supplements, speculative, rather than, prime mover, poor health, oral cavity, on one side, not believe, lung cancer, integrative, information, in favor of, gallbladder, expositions, exceptional, cooperation, confessions, advertising, acupuncture, university, the public, terminally, tending to, sufficient, standpoint, researched, purpose of, pancreatic, own choice, osteopathy, number one, neutrality, naturopath, invitation, innovative, individual, humiliated, government, extremists, disguising, discipline, determined, commitment, commission, be curious, assistants, affiliates, adverse to, testimony, technique, statement, skeptical, resulting, regarding, protector, promotion, promoters, prejudice, palpation, operation, occipital, nutrition, naturally, molecules, listening, legendary, intestine, hopefully, existence, esophagus, desirable, dentistry, defending, decisions, debunking, chelation, celebrate, bile duct, assistant, anecdotes, americans, vitamins, vaccines, unproven, tourists, the word, the same, survival, skeptics, sarcomas, religion, relative, rational, prostate, projects, positive, phillips, patients, opinions, oncology, now that, nonsense, negative, lymphoma, leukemia, learning, involved, intended, holistic, francois, forms of, fighting, evidence, definite, defeated, debating, contrast, comments, columbia, clinical, cervical, braswell, boosting, analysis, wallace, viewing, victims, uterine, thyroid, stomach, stephen, skeptic, scoring, science, sampson, results, reading, ovarian, miracle, mercury, members, medical, leaning, joining, jacques, illegal, hapless, grounds, focuses, english, efforts, douglas, disease, deviant, defined, deceive, dealing, correct, bladder, bigelow, besides, bashing, barrett, balance, article, amalgam, useful, speech, senate, proven, posted, pariah, palmer, motion, modern, memory, making, letter, kidney, julian, immune, idiocy, hardin, groups, gotten, flukey, flukes, family, enemas, edward, doctor, design, deaths, danish, curing, coffee, claims, breast, belief, active, worth, value, truth, treat, touch, table, taber, steve, sacro, rules, rocks, pages, mixed, liver, jones, jacob, green, grant, grand, field, drugs, death, dansk, cecil, bruce, brief, brain, booze, atoms, allen, alert, wind, were, vita, tush, surf, soul, seen, saul, risk, rico, list, lack, karl, john, fits, fact, eyes, club, bone, baja, usa, ufo, non, mad, lip, key, ill, eva, cow, bob, vs, m, g, c, 2.

Words used for indexing : cancer, medicine, chiropractic, alternative, therapy, health, tumor, fraud, consumer, protection, treatment, resources, quackery, special, robert, links, james, homeopathy, research, freedom, herbs, bolen, scam, bias, tim, complementary, chiropractor, homeopathic, clark.

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