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Monday, October 10, 2005

GP who gave MMR warning faces sack

She doesn't know what she did wrong?! That itself is grounds enough to sack her, since her ignorance is itself evidence that she is incompentent or ignorant of the issues involved. No matter what her position, she should at least know the issues well enough to know what is considered to have done wrong, even if she doesn't agree, and......if she doesn't know what "junk science" is, then she shouldn't be a doctor.

GP who gave MMR warning faces sack
By Daniel Foggo
(Filed: 09/10/2005)

A doctor who has spoken of the possible dangers of children receiving the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and other vaccinations has been charged with serious professional misconduct by the General Medical Council.

Dr Jayne Donegan, 47, is being disciplined over her decision to give expert court testimony on the issue. Her situation echoes the plight of Dr Andrew Wakefield, the gastro-enterologist forced to resign after his evidence linking the MMR jab to autism in children angered the government, drug industry and medical establishment.

Dr Donegan's disciplinary action, which could result in her being struck off, stems from legal action in 2002 by two mothers opposed to the MMR jab. Her evidence was later described by a judge as "junk science".

Dr Donegan, a London GP, said she was charged with serious professional misconduct in July 2004. "Since then, I have heard nothing and I am still waiting to hear exactly what it is that I am meant to have done wrong."

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