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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Stage show brings back Eva's talents

If you haven't discovered the music of Eva Cassidy yet, get moving! Not only has she topped a record held by Elvis, there are few - if any - musicians that have ever moved people in the way that she does:

Stage show brings back Eva's talents
Sep 9 2005
Chester Chronicle

THE MAGIC and tragedy of Eva Cassidy comes to Crewe with the musical play Over the Rainbow.

As director Stephen Leatherland explains, the task of dramatising Eva Cassidy's short life presented a real challenge.

'Eva's life was as much about her personal values as her music,' he said.

'She was not driven by fame and did not really have a recording career. But she was the start of a revolution in music, opening the door to artists like Katie Melua and Norah Jones,' said Stephen.

'Her success did not come easily and her talent was not fully recognised until after her death,' he added.

'The biographical detail needed sensitive and tactful handling and the whole project took four years to come into being, from first idea to first performance.'

Eva's developing musical and artistic talents and early influences shaped her short life.

The story travels through early successes and disappointments, family relationships and recording career highs and lows.

The show follows Eva's life from childhood to her tragic death from cancer at the age of just 33. Over 25 of her tracks are woven in to the drama including the title song, Over the Rainbow as well as Songbird, Fields of Gold and many others.

Following her death in November 1996, the album Song-bird was released. It soon caught the attention of Radio 2 producer Paul Walters and became an instant hit with listeners to Terry Wogan's breakfast show.

Eva Cassidy is now the only artist ever to have had three consecutive number one albums, posthumously.

Over the Rainbow is appearing at Crewe Lyceum on the 16th & 17th September 2005 @ 8pm.


Eva Cassidy: Legendary Singer

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