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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Site referrals: mucoid plaque

As a webmaster for several sites I find it interesting to check out the various statistics available, especially site referrals. Who links to me? Who is reading my site right now? Where in the world are they? How are the pages on my sites being used?

Well, this particular referral regularly generates a few hits. What's interesting is that it is posted in a discussion at CureZone, one of the most unreliable health websites on the internet. Yes, there are apparently a few people over there that use their critical thinking skills occasionally!

Here's the message, and you can then follow the discussions:

mucoid plaque is so gross!!! by bswatch

i believe that people that use this stuff are wonderful, because they are open minded. we don't subscribe to the promotional machines of the big pharms, who make million making you take medicine you dont need, becasue each pill they buy is pure profit for them. (the first pill they sell costs millions , nearly 100 million, in r&d and 3 rounds of FDA trials) but every pill after that costs nothing to make. so the more they sell, the happeir they are.

the problem with this, is that sometimes we are hypocritical, in that we are openminded to alternative solutions, but but close minded in evaluating them. sometimes we dont care what people say, but just blindly beleive. its the same thing as those that subscribe to the big pharm. their marketers tell some people taht a pill will make them happier, and they blindly take it, without looking at the studies or stories taht say it can also give them heart problems, or make them addicted (not referring to a particular drug, but a theoretical composite of various blockbuster drugs).

so with mucoid plaque, the concept sounds great. who would want to carry all this stuff around on them? of course you want to get it out! but i took the time to look at the information i had, and got to thinking, logically. there are stories of 15 foot long plaque buildups, etc. pictures, all gross. and the pics should be proof right?

if there is such a thing like 15 foot buildups, they should be easy to spot in the intestines. if someone got disemboweled, or was in some horrible accident, and an autospy was performed, a doctor should have come across buildup such as this. or, before you try to treatment, go look at your colon. they have cameras now, that they can feed into you, to go look at it. the camera can travel throughout your entire existence. surely it is impossible to miss huge buildups of solid black, disgusting plaque.

so i did some research online, and the mucoid plaque people have passed have been analyzed, and it turns out to be, yup, the same stuff they ate to get rid of it.
the pictures are real, the solid stuff is real, but the problem is it's not what we are led to believe. its not stuff thats been sitting in our colon. i mean, its a wonderful dream, that this stuff can be sittin in our colon, and how refreshing and clean we'll feel once we get that gunk out.

it's very much like if you think you have gunk in your nose. you shove an entire rubber band in there, leave it for a few minutes, then sneeze it out. lo and behold, there's a big rubbery gunk on the napkin! but its the same rubberband. sure, there may be some mucus and boogers stuck to it, but most of the gross, hard solid substance is the rubberband you stuck in there. if there was a mass like the rubberband, nose plaque if you will, as hard and the size of it, that was there before you did the treatment, you should be able to see it, with a simple flashlight up the nose.

i hope this helps some people, but like always, i encourage everybody to do your own reserach. on another note, i'm trying the wormwood, clover, walnut parastie cleanse, because ive read stories of people online using it, and actually seeing eggs and worms. i'll let you know how that goes. the fda and big pharm says its hogwash, but i think they like to sweep everything away, even the valid stuff, and bury it with stuff that don't work.

thank you for reading, and stay openminded!


The message is followed by links to the various entries in the discussion. Occasional replies indicate that some readers actually can learn something, while others are true believers. Read and weep!

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