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This blog deals with healthcare consumer protection, and is therefore about quackery, healthfraud, chiropractic, and other forms of so-Called "Alternative" Medicine (sCAM).

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Crank o' the Day (anticrank)

Wow! What an honor!

This blog is being featured as the Crank o' the Day (anticrank!) site for Sept. 8, 2005.

This blog is also featured on these pages:

Check out the whole Crank Dot Net site. There's plenty of good stuff. It is also an important site in my sidebar.

I do have a couple requests for Erik Max Francis:

(1) Please submit your great site for membership in these rings. I'll approve your submission immediately:

Anti-Quackery Ring
Skeptic Ring

(2) Please create a listing of all the anticrank sites you have listed.

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