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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Eliane Duvekot, Artist Extraordinaire

The following illustration by Eliane was drawn with an ironic twist. If you look carefully at it, it contains a number of symbols characteristic of various superstitions, quackeries, and pseudoscientific woo-wooisms. A great drawing!

Used by permission.

Eliane Duvekot has a great blog, especially for those interested in good illustrations and art. Eliane, a Dutch mother of two, lives in Toronto. She is a freelance illustrator, while her husband is into computer graphics. She does work for Dutch and Canadian newspapers, as well as illustrating children's books.

Eliane's blog, The Sellotape Files, is a new addition to my list of Reciprocal Links in my sidebar. Please visit her site and check out her blogging entries and her great art. This artist is hot! Great illustrations on all types of subjects.

Here are her links:


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