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Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Toast to Saint Nate

Over at Orac's, a rousing meeting of skeptics is celebrating The Thirteenth Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle.

The meeting closes with a chocking bit of news, that is hinted at in the title of the meeting: A Change is in the air.

Well, the Great Saint Nate has made the heavy decision to stop blogging (hopefully temporarily). He announces it on his blog: "The First of My Last Posts".

Saint Nate has contributed enormously to blogging, especially skeptical blogging, so I propose that we all lift our glasses in a toast to one of the truly great bloggers!

To Saint Nate, Patron Saint of Skeptical Bloggers:

May His Holiness be blessed with honor and success. May His blog be preserved as a shrine in the blogosphere. May He occasionally bless us with his presence, whenever He finds the time to visit us. May His shrine be a perpetual blessing and inspiration to skeptical pilgrims, who will be inspired to follow in His skeptical footsteps. May we who remain direct pilgrims to His shrine, and link our humble blogs to His great blog. May our lesser lights guide others to the Greater Light. Blessed be the memory of Saint Nate!

Dear Nate,

I wish you well in the future in all your endeavors. Just remember that you have many friends in cyberspace.




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