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Thursday, July 07, 2005

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Scientology's war on psychiatry The controversial church, whose founder called shrinks "terrorists" and which labels mental illness a fraud, is closer than you think to implanting its extreme beliefs in the nation's laws and schools. By Katharine Mieszkowski [2005-07-01]

Tom, Dick and kitties A movie star's obsession, an inept detective agency and taking care of the cats -- this week in TT. [2005-07-01]

The press vs. Scientology After years of conflict, the church and the media seem to have reached a truce. Is it because Scientology has become less confrontational -- or because the press is scared? By Joe Strupp [2005-06-30]

Stranger than fiction L. Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics" is a fantastically dull, terribly written, crackpot rant -- it's also the founding text of Scientology. So, what does it actually say? By Laura Miller [2005-06-28]

Missionary man Tom Cruise has become a top proselytizer for Scientology. Is it because of a new private conviction, or a new public role for the church itself? By James Verini [2005-06-27]

A night of engrams and clears At the Scientologists' birthday bash for the late L. Ron Hubbard, it all comes down to the e-meter. By Sara Kelly [2002-04-03]

On the run from L. Ron Hubbard Keith Henson, Scientology gadfly turned fugitive from justice, explains his reasons for fleeing the United States. By Damien Cave [2001-05-23]

Cheap at the price Earthlink's founder, Sky Dayton, explains why spending $7.5 million for the domain name was a smart deal. By Damien Cave [2000-09-18]

"Battlefield Earth" L. Ron Hubbard's pulp sci-fi classic comes incomprehensibly to the screen starring Scientologist John Travolta. By Andrew O'Hehir [2000-05-12]

Hate books still for sale on Web Some smaller booksellers offer books banned in other nations. By Craig Offman [1999-08-17]

Copyright -- or wrong? The Church of Scientology takes up a new weapon -- the DigitalMillennium Copyright Act -- in its ongoing battle with critics. By Janelle Brown [1999-07-22]

21st Log: Brief reports and tidbits from the info-sphere. HotWired advertiser sponsors a blackout. Scientologists lose a round in copyright fight. A costly tour of the Gates mansion. By Salon Tech Writers [1998-11-10]

A Web of their own A Web of their own: By Janelle Brown. Scientologists say their Internet filter protects the faithful. Critics call it "cult mind-control." By Janelle Brown [1998-07-15]

Waiting to Exhale: A crack high for the female psyche plus "Getting clear on copyrights" By Joan Walsh [1995-12-30]