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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Karl Popper seminar - Rafe Champion

For fans of Karl Popper and philosophy, here are some links to check out, provided by Rafe Champion:

The Rathouse - Rafe Champion

Critical Rationalism Study Page - Matt Diogardi

The information at this links was put on line at a blog where Rafe Champion is a guest poster:

Popper seminar:

Part 1. The background to Popper's work on The Open Society and Its Enemies.

Part 2. The Architecture of The Open Society and its Enemies, Karl Popper's major 1945 work in the philosophy of politics.

Part 3. Background reading.

Part 4. Leadership and sovereignty

Part 5. The personal and institutional tasks of democracy.

Part 6. Violence and revolution.

Part 7. The danger of parliamentary sovereignty

Part 8. Plato's collectivist theory of Justice.

Placed here with the kind permission of Rafe Champion.

My own Karl Popper page:

Karl Popper's Falsification Principle