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This blog deals with healthcare consumer protection, and is therefore about quackery, healthfraud, chiropractic, and other forms of so-Called "Alternative" Medicine (sCAM).

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Chiropractic Search Terms

Here are some chiropractic searches (with a decidedly skeptical twist....;-) Use these searches in your research, then modify them as needed. Please inform me of interesting searches to add to this list.

chirolinks healthbase
chiropractic resources
chiropractic subluxation
chiropractic religion
chiropractic religion philosophy
chiropractic religion philosophy vitalism
chiropractic vitalism
chiropractic biotheology
chiropractic philosophy
chiropractic belief systems
chiropractic belief systems vitalism
chiropractic belief systems vitalism religion
chiropractic belief systems vitalism religion quack
chiropractic quack
chiropractic quackery
chiropractic unethical
chiropractic skeptic
chiropractic advice
chiro info
chiropractic treatment
chiropractic adjustment
chiropractic vaccination
chiropractic "anti-vaccination"
chiropractic anti vax
chiropractic "practice building"
chiropractic lifetime patients
chiropractic lifetime patients maintenance
chiropractic lifetime patients maintenance wellness
chiropractic daniel david palmer
chiropractic daniel david palmer quack
chiropractic daniel david palmer quackery
chiropractic dd palmer
chiropractic dd palmer quack
chiropractic dd palmer quackery
chiropractic bj palmer
chiropractic bj palmer quack
chiropractic bj palmer quackery
chiropractic bartlett j palmer
chiropractic "safe haven"
chiropractic joseph flesia
chiropractic flesia flesia
"Renaissance International" chiropractic
chiropractic "sid williams"
chiropractic "sid williams" "dynamic essentials"
chiropractic "dynamic essentials"
chiropractic "terry rondberg"
chiropractic rondberg
chiropractic reikeman
"guy reikeman"
chiropractic "tedd koren"
chiropractic "james parker"
chiropractic "chris kent"
chiropractic "patrick gentempo"
chiropractic "david singer"
chiropractic "C.J. Mertz"
chiropractic "Jay Morgan"
chiropractic "reggie gold"
chiropractic "Eric Plasker"
chiropractic "500 Club"
chiropractic "500/500 Club" 500
Lifetime Chiropractic Care for Everyone
chiropractic lcfe
"chiropractic assistant"
chiropractic assistant
"chiropractic assistant association"
chiropractic assistant forum
kiropraktik (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
chiropratique (French)
quiropráctica (Spanish)
kiropraktik information
kiropraktisk behandling
kiropraktisk klinik
kiropraktisk klinikker
kiropraktik kiropraktikkensfremme
kiropraktor behandling
kiropraktik alternativ behandling
kiropraktik kvaksalveri
kiropraktik religion