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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame musicians

As an Eva Cassidy fan, the following is quite remarkable. Fifth place! Wow!

Congratulations to our 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame musicians, whose CDs have sold the largest number of copies at in the seven years since Amazon began selling music in 1998. We would especially like to thank Hall of Fame musicians Bob Dylan and Norah Jones, who will perform at A Show of Thanks on July 16. You're invited to watch this concert event, which will be hosted by humorist Bill Maher and feature presentations from some of our all-time top-selling artists, on the homepage at 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday, July 16. Hall of Fame Musicians (listed in order of total units sold at since 1998):

1. The Beatles
2. U2
3. Norah Jones
4. Diana Krall
5. Eva Cassidy See all albums by Eva Cassidy
---My Eva Cassidy blog Eva Cassidy: Legendary Singer

6. Frank Sinatra
7. Santana
8. Enya
9. Bob Dylan
10. The Rolling Stones
11. Dave Matthews Band
12. Bruce Springsteen
13. Sarah McLachlan
14. Dixie Chicks
15. Josh Groban
16. Elton John
17. Rod Stewart
18. Pink Floyd
19. Jimmy Buffett
20. Celine Dion
21. Sting
22. Johnny Cash
23. Ray Charles
24. Van Morrison
25. Elvis Presley