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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Aetna uncovers plot to intimidate dental licensing boards

Aetna uncovers plot to intimidate dental licensing boards.

Documents presented to the U.S. District Court for Colorado suggest why "biological dentists" helped fund the lawsuit that Cavitat Medical Technologies filed against Aetna, Inc. last year. [Barrett S. Documents suggest why bogus "racketeering" suit was filed against Aetna. Casewatch, July 15, 2005] Cavitat markets an ultrasound device that is claimed to help dentists diagnose "neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO)," a condition that lacks scientific recognition. In 2002, Aetna issued a Clinical Policy Bulletin explaining why it would not cover diagnostic or treatment procedures related to use of the device. In 2004, Cavitat and its owner filed a lawsuit falsely accusing Aetna of "racketeering" and other wrongdoing. After the court dismissed the racketeering charge, Aetna filed a countersuit charging Cavitat and its owner with malicious prosecution. Documents filed with the court indicate that Cavitat's lawsuit was backed by "biological dentists" who purchased shares that would entitle them to a percentage of any money collected if Cavitat prevailed. These documents also indicate that the shareholders also planned to add dental boards as defendants in their racketeering suit if they did not agree to stop disciplining dentists who diagnose and treat "NICO." One describes the funding scheme, and the other states: "We are trying a different tactic with the state dental boards but if they do not comply, they will be named in the Aetna legal action as co-defendants, individually and as a board." One of the shareholders is Tim Bolen, a "publicist" who has issued false and defamatory statements about participants in several regulatory proceedings.