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Sunday, June 12, 2005

A sceptic's guide to alternative health - talk by Clare Bowerman

This is both an announcement and an invitation:

Clare Bowerman who published an article in Skeptic Magazine awhile back called "Confessions of an Alternative Health Journalist" is giving a talk next Thursday, June 16, 2005, at Skeptic's in the Pub. The talk is then followed by a vigorous discussion.

Skeptic's in the Pub is a monthly meeting held at The Old King's Head, just off Borough High Street (nearest Tube station: London Bridge or Borough). The talk is at 7:30pm, but food is served at 7pm. The fee is £2 to cover costs. See the website below for a map or go to for bus and tube information or for train information.

From the website:

Clare is a writer and editor who lives in London. After studying for a German and French degree at Cambridge University, she moved into science, starting her career on an alternative health title. She then moved into evidence-based medical journalism and other science writing. She currently works in communications for UCL.

From the website's description of her talk:

TITLE: A sceptic's guide to alternative health

The market in alternative health remedies is worth millions of pounds every year. Many people are led to distrust conventional medicines that are tested for safety and effectiveness, and to stake their health on totally unproven treatments.

What is it that gives alternative medicine – from homoeopathy to crystal healing – its broad appeal? Is it partly because people are misinformed by press reports about these 'therapies'? Former alternative health journalist Clare Bowerman talks about the driving factors in magazine and newspaper journalism that favour complementary and alternative medicines over their proven conventional counterparts, drawing on her personal experience in the industry.

More information at