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Sunday, June 05, 2005

God exists.....We are immune to rational argument.

This pearl comes from the Skeptics Forum, written by "Technogiddo":

Let me quote to you what someone on a Christian forum told me only a few weeks ago:

"The existence of God cannot be proved or disproved by
man. Man is too lowly to either prove or disprove
God's existence logically. We have faith in the Bible,
that it is 100% true, with no errors or
contradictions. We learn as Christians never to
question the existence of God. It is forbidden,
sinful, and blasphemous.

"We have abundant circumstantial evidence that God
exists. It is all around us. It is called Creation. If
you do not see that this is God's Creation, then Satan
is blinding you.

"We do not need logic, or proof. God exists. Period."

And more:

"Some things can be questioned, such as the accuracy
of Biblical translation. But other things cannot be
questioned, such as the existence of God, the Divinity
of Jesus, and the hope of the New Covenant of Grace.

"To question the existence of these things is
blasphemy, and it is something that the Christian mind
simply doesn't do. No amount of 'philosophy', 'logic',
or 'reason', can change what a faithful Christian
believes. We are immune to rational argument. We are
100% rock solid in our beliefs and nothing anyone
could ever do, say, or 'prove' would shake our
beliefs. Even if aliens came down and gave the world a
set of audio/video recordings of the life of Jesus
Christ, and if anything in those recordings differed
from the what is recorded in the Bible, then we would
reject the recordings as false, and as a forgery. And
we would therefore know that the aliens were agents of
Satan and we would reject them, and fight them if


"So don't even try to have an 'intelligent'
conversation with us, to question the existence of
God. Don't waste your breath."

Note: the guy who wrote this claims to have been quite an intellect until he became deeply Christian.

Point is- many, if not most, Christian, and all other religious folk, seem to believe that blind belief is a virtue.

My favorite quote though is "look in your heart, and you will see the truth." Fact is, a Christian will look in his heart and see his path is right, a Muslim will look in his heart and see his path to be true, a Buddhist will look in his heart and.... you get the idea. One's own intuitions are not enough to go by, one always has to have some proof with which to go by.

An even bigger problem I have is the claim that "certain questions are blasphemy". This is so obviously a religious method of manipulation that it is hard for me to believe people actually still believe it! IMO no question is a stupid question, no question is an evil question. IT IS A HUMAN'S RIGHT TO ASK WHATEVER HE WANTS TO! To stop asking questions is to give up that which makes us human, that which makes us intelligent!

(Shared here by permission.)