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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

'Ghost therapy' lands couple behind bars

"The New Indian Express"

'Ghost therapy' lands couple behind bars
Tuesday June 7 2005 15:33 IST
[Note: 1 US$ = ca. Rs.46]

KOLKATA: A couple in a West Bengal village was arrested for making a fortune by claiming to treat patients with the help of "ghosts", police said here on Tuesday.

Kohinoor Bibi and her husband Majid Mandal were arrested on Monday for "treating" gullible villagers with the help of what they called two "jinns" for the past three months.

The arrests sparked off agitation in the area by people who believed in the "ghost" therapy.

Kohinoor and Majid were released after they gave it in writing not to practise the "treatment".

"I don't treat the patients. The ghosts do. I am only a medium. What we earn has to be shared with the ghosts since they too have families," Kohinoor, 23, told the police.

Kohinoor, who charged up to Rs.2,500 from patients, said the jinns could treat gall stones, kidney stones, appendicitis, hernia and tumours without surgery.

Police said the couple earned up to Rs.40,000 [$870] a day as hundreds of villagers queued up.

Ansar Gazi, president of Bigyan Manch, a local science organisation, said he had been threatened by villagers for protesting against the practice that led to the arrests.