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Friday, June 10, 2005

Dr Jim Bowen on Nutra Sweet politricks

This letter is a good example of the extreme thinking that characterizes some of the anti-Aspartame activists. Delicensed MD Bowen even seeks "a romantic chum" in this somewhat paranoid conspiracy theory tirade. This type of thinking seems to characterize many of these activists, and I'm beginning to wonder if such odd thinking is caused by avoiding Aspartame......;-)

When reading anti-Aspartame propaganda, consider the source! Names like Betty Martini, James D. Bowen, Russell Blaylock, HJ Roberts, John Olney, and Ralph Walton are the ones to notice. If they are named favorably, beware!

Since Bowen addressed it to me, and expressly gave permission to publish it, well here it is for your entertainment!

The first one is written to Rebecca Carley, whom I've written about.

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Subject: Dr Jim bowen on Nutra Sweet politricks

Yes, Dear Dr Rebecca Carley:

Satan wants to be known as Lucifer, ("the
illuminator",) as though he had never fallen into
rebellion and jealous hatred of humanity: Who will
replace him as the highest order of creation: After we
complete our Christ's Grace conferred redemption,
Re-Creation, and millennial training. All this occurs
only after we become veterans of this conflict, which
is no more than a one time only demonstration of evil
for the entire boundless, endless, eternal universe.
AND: As if Satan were still God's messenger to the
angelic host, he now even pretends to even be a Deity,
and promises his followers: He, Satan, will come once
again for them, and with them will make this world
just entirely "heavenly" for, and with them all. (Ha,
Ha, Ha!) The present Nation of Israel is just another
one such satanically created disillusionment for the
entire world!

And: Zionism is what has so corrupted our Media,
Professions, and Governments for Satan, their evil
master. Open, Avid Zionists are the main force and
people, which I have had the most opposition from in
my efforts to alert the public and professions about
the deadly Aspartame! They have made it abundantly
clear: They see it as their patriotic duty to Zionism
and Israel to see to it that we succumb to Aspartame!
Masons and other Satanists have likewise done
everything they could to destroy me and my ministry!

The Illuminati, actually, foolishly believe in and
support all this! After the flood, the sun was the
most brilliant object in the sky with which to
bedazzle men, so Satan made "Sunday" his Black
Sabbath. (Six days back from God's appointed Seventh
day Sabbath! Part of the "666") The
Illuminati/Luciferians are presently direct
descendents of, or followers of the Palestinian
pagans, which Jehovah God promised to exodus Israel
that he would drive them out with hornets, when the
children of Israel marched directly into Palestine, as
they were specifically directed to do by God through

So the Illuminati will once again honor Satan by once
more seeing laws passed to enforce the notion of
"Sunday Sacredness." All of which will finally come
to include a death penalty! This, by prophetic
prediction, will be the last event by which the
Illuminati mark the destruction of this world! Almost
all pagan religions incorporate some form of Sun
Worship in their observances. So Catholicism merely
made paganism into a more "Christian" form thereof, by
creating "Sunday Sabbath Sacredness," as one of their
precepts for Christianity, along with many other pagan
observances: Such as confession to an earthly priest,
etc. The Bible clearly teaches: Call no man your
father! Also: Confess your sins to no man!

Of course, as is obvious from their present actions,
Satan's followers can never become "good Christians:"
In spite of all the power we are presently seeing them
accumulate: So the course of the world is on a steep
decline into oblivion, as your experience and mine
alike, now so clearly indicate. When ancient Israel
refused to obey that direct command from God to march
on into Palestine, they were sent back into the
dessert to die therein, until another, perhaps more
obedient generation arose! The Palestinian pagans,
however, knowing Israel would be back, formed even
more direct allegiances with Satan to defeat God's
purposes for Israel: Which they did by getting Israel
to disobey God, violate his ten commandments, and they
often even totally rejected God and refused to worship
him. Every time, for over a thousand years, this ended
up with the Palestinian Pagans being allowed to
overwhelm them and place them in servitude to
themselves, along with their idolatry: Which Idolatry,
the Israelites already had in every case: Already
adopted in place of Jehovah's protection, anyway!

Then, after they were conquered and humbled, God would
send Israel prophets to remind them of their ministry
to which they had been previously called, and then
often: "deliverer/prophets" would be provided them,
and Israel and later Judah, would regain their God
given sovereignty: Only to always abandon it for the
attractions of living a pagan life and believing in
idols, instead of following the simple plans which God
had so clearly taught them as a blessing to themselves
and to their society! (Does that sound like
today?)When the Babylonian exile was used by Jehovah
to teach them, once and for all the cost of idolatry:
That small remnant then, once again as they grew
stronger, returned to a different form of idolatry;
that of corrupting theism, so that it became even
worse than open idolatry in their hands!

When, about 150 years before Christ, the Jews begged
their way into the Pagan Roman Empire, the pagan
Romans made them part of a Palestinian "Tetrarchy"
which included Judah, Moab, Ammon, and the Edomites.
God had told them "You shall not have the Edomite
amongst you:" (Along with all the other pagan nations,
who were in the Palestinian Tetrarchy with them.) The
Romans were particularly secular, and put everything
up for bids including the Jewish High Priesthood, and
their kingship. So they ended up with an Edomite
dynasty as their kings: "The Idumean Dynasty"! The
Jews had always rejected Jehovah God in one form or
another, so once again, by trusting in
Pagan Rome, instead of Jehovah, they ended up under
the dominion of Palestinian Pagan Edom!

The Herods were Idumean Kings, and committed many
crimes including, with the eager cooperation of the
Jewish Priesthood, and at their insistence, crucifying
God Himself in the form of Jesus Christ, His Divine
Son. This act marked the end for any notion of the
Jews being: "God's chosen people." Utter destruction
awaited them: In the fall of Jerusalem to the Roman
general Titus: AD 70, when almost all the free,
wealthy Jews, except the Christian ones, who
universally obeyed Christ's instructions to flee the
city while the roman army briefly withdrew before
leveling the city, were eliminated from the face of
the earth.

Israel, (Jacob) had prophesied this when blessing his
sons just before his death. In plain words he said:
The scepter shall not depart Judah until Christ shall
come:" Pointing out, that with the crucifixion of
Jehovah himself, the Jewish Nation would come to its
final end, in so far as Jehovah God was concerned.
Many Jews today make a great pretence of being "God's
chosen people," and most Christian pastors, who are
functionally really just trained Zionistic
infiltrators, repeat this false and now worthless
phraseology. They are trained this way in Seminary
training to create a false, Christ demeaning pretense
of God's purposes for the nation of Israel! All
denominations, which I have ever listened to, persist
in this satanically inspired, diabolical nonsense!

All of this long and superb cooperation with Satan
himself, put the Palestinian Pagans into a very
prolonged and special relationship with Satan and his
evil angels, who possess them all. They had been his
agency in totally defeating Jehovah's will for Israel,
and even saw to the crucifixion of His Divine Son by
the Romans! They then, as the "Illuminati" have
"reigned over" much of the earth ever since: As
dynasties, high ranking military, and "Giants of
Finance", etc.

Most of today's Jews are not even remotely diluted
descendants of God's anciently chosen, and then
rejected people! (Because they ultimately rejected,
and crucified Jehovah himself!) When the Satanist,
Genghis Kahn, over ran Asia and much of Europe, he
created his own equivalent of the CIA, plus regional
governments, militia, and administrations. He thus
formed his "Kzarin Empire," over the territories which
he had seized. I have never even looked up any of
this, but only relate it just as it was told me by
Jewish historians. (I am of Jewish ancestry.) So the
spelling probably is not at all current! I would
appreciate if you could refer me to any concise
history of all this material.

Genghis Kahn, then promptly fled back to Mongolia to
deal with a palace rebellion, dying therein. His
Mongolian Kzarin empire promptly collapsed, leaving
behind quite an array of very powerful Satanists! The
Pope dealt with all of this, by sending word that they
would all have to become Catholic Christians, or he
would make war upon them and destroy them and their
influence. 94% of Jewry today, is of this "Ashkenazi"

Their typical Eurasian appearance is merely because
they are indeed Eurasians, with a heavily Mongolian
genome! Whereupon, they very cleverly responded: "Oh
no! Your honor, The Pope: We are Jews!" The whole,
entire Zionist Israeli movement of today was generated
by these Eurasian "Ashkenazi" Satanists, and the
Illuminati Satanists, not by the descendants of the
refugees who were exiled out of Palestine over
thousands of years by the Babylonians, Assyrians,
Medo-Persians, Greeks, and Romans. They were living
quite peaceably amongst the nations where they were,
in each case, exiled into. The Illuminati, including
Adolph Hitler (secretly a Rothschild) have needlessly
engendered irrational persecution of Jews in other
nations to motivate their loyalty and return to
Israel. The whole Zionist movement arose from the
efforts of the Illuminati Satanists and Ashkenazi
Satanists! So it should be no surprise that I have
their opposition in trying to expose Satan's flagship
in his fleet of chemicals, which are out there to
devastate humanity: Aspartame!

The Illuminati used the sinking of the Titanic as one
way of eliminating much of the resistance to their
will for modern America and Europe. The sinking of the
Titanic was no accident. It was a planned execution of
the most powerful true Christians in the world of
their day. The captain of the titanic was a Jesuit
agent sent on a suicide mission: (Which explains his
illogically incompetent performance of needlessly
sending the Titanic full speed, directly into a field
of icebergs!) One of my Irish ancestors, a "Murray,"
was the richest man in the world of his day. He went
down with the Titanic.

With all possible true Christian influences being
eliminated by many such evil agencies: The Illuminati
and Zionists are forming up Satan's "New World Order."
The Tudor dynasty was one such Illuminati dynasty. The
Bushes are direct descendents of Tudor King George
III, who was run out of America about 1780. So we have
recently been reigned over by people who consider
themselves King George IV and V.

The present actions of the Illuminati and the Bushes,
with their Satanist cooperators, constitute no less
than the utter destruction of Democratic Protestant
America. This clearly explains why Aspartame, a
horribly destructive brain washing Agent, which is
very bitter and not even sweet, was imposed upon us,
as supposedly a sweetener! It also explains why vast
universal immunization programs, which only increase
the individual's susceptibility to the diseases they
are said to protect against, and actually result in
immunodeficiency and autoimmunity problems, are given
to our newborns and children in order to brain damage

I, like all Democracy loving Americans, would like to
think we may see a "latter rain" of Righteousness and
Democracy before the Illuminati and Tudors utterly
wreck our world, and the society within it. The Bible
prophecies, however, only indicate that the Second
coming of Christ will be just like it was in Noah's
day: The sudden destruction of every thing will
unexpectedly come upon the world. So, understanding
Bible prophecy, we can watch the Illuminati and the
Bushes immerse the whole world in hell, and rejoice
that our, and our children's eternal salvation,
depends only upon our acceptance of God's Redemptive
Grace, through Jesus Christ His Son. Our part is
merely obedience to the acceptance of his will for the
world. Those lacking this very specific Biblical
assurance will indeed have: "Their hearts failing them
for fear," just as the Bible prophesies!


Dr Jim Bowen

Dear Dr Betty Martini,

All information I have previously related about
Aspartame was exceptionally well known to the "Insider
Agencies" in our power structure, long before
Aspartame was even marketed. (For Example: Although
tested at only 5% of the required dose for only 8% of
the legally required time period, it was found to be,
and well known to be: The number one brain tumor
carcinogen ever discovered by science!)

In the next six months after Aspartame was put into
pop, the Brain Cancer incidence rate in the US jumped
10%, the Diabetes incidence rate 35%.) I also found,
for example, numerous patents which clearly
demonstrated all of this foreknowledge! Aspartame's
marketing by Rumsfeld was an organized crime,
protected by Zionists, Mosssad, B'nai B'rith, Masonry,
and all other satanic organizations, or it could never
have happened, giving their immense influence in our
Professions, Media, Political processes, and
Government! Donald Rumsfeld is "the godfather in the
Jewish Mafia." So, he was able to control the
influence of all these agencies, making all of them
willful contributors to this satanically induced
devastation of humanity!

My medical license was revoked after I was, in 1992,
examined by Drs Benedict and Arnold, the heads of the
American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations,
(Both were open, and Avid Zionists!) who made the
"Expert" certification that: "The belief that
Aspartame is toxic, is a delusion so dangerous that it
totally disables a doctor from the practice of
medicine." My attorney then even seized pre-existing
evidence, like the first set of toxicity studies,
which thoroughly condemned Aspartame (as mentioned
above) and turned it over to them, thus forever
removing it from circulation for them.

My attorney, Charles Fleck of Lansing, MI, who then
pimped off my medical career, by missing every filing
date, and totally failing to get any shred of evidence
of Aspartame's extreme toxicity into evidence for the
hearing, complained to me: "Jim you just can't fight
the Jews: They are just far too powerful in our
government!" He became, functionally, rather just
another Mossad agent! He VERY arrogantly prided
himself of his self proclaimed "Christianity",
whatever that was worth to humanity?

Dan Rather, also an open avid Zionist, saw to it that
the significant information I already had to offer the
public in 1983 via the CBS evening news, was forbidden
the public any report thereof: By his deliberate
angry shouts at the news crew: "No, We are not going
to show any of these patients who have been damaged by
Aspartame! We are not going to talk about formaldehyde
toxicity, and the resulting sensitivity! We are not
going to show the public any of these toxicity charts!
On and on he raved! Dan and Donald Rumsfeld at that
very moment jointly owned a party ranch out west! Dan
did take two copies of my toxicity chart, one for
himself, and one for Rumsfeld! Did either of those two
avid Zionists share any of that vitally needed
information with the public? They in fact turned the
occasion around to absolutely terrorize all the
doctors in the entire northwest from ever even
possibly thinking that Aspartame could even possibly
be toxic.

The Day following the CBS broadcast, (which only white
washed Aspartame): The Newspapers in Vancouver,
Washington; Stevenson, Washington; White Salmon,
Washington, Goldendale, Washington; Pasco, Washington;
Kennewick, Washington; Richland, Washington; Longview,
Washington; Kelso, Washington; Hood River, Oregon, The
Dalles, Oregon; and Portland, Oregon all carried
headlines: "Dr Bowen charged with Quackery for
criticizing Aspartame on TV."

Jewish Godfather, Donald Rumsfeld, and all those
around him are ardent Zionists. We are presently in a
totally unnecessary and highly destructive war in the
Middle East at the bequest of Mossad and Israel, while
Bush and his cadre are bankrupting the US treasury,
and at this financially, and budgetary stressed moment
giving away immense amounts of funds to the super
rich, including the Giant Petroleum interests, who
already are experiencing the greatest boom they have
ever seen. Is there even any trace of sanity in our
present Republican government?

The Bushes have even stolen our Social Security funds,
thus impoverishing all the rest of us, while they are
making us indeed very, very needy! (Notice how the
Zionist Media fail to even to mention that our SS was
absconded with?) 911 was only a Bush production/ show,
totally preventable, had the then existent agencies
not been paralyzed by presidential order to create it.
It was used by the Media, not to demonstrate Bush
incompetence and collusion, as it should have, but a
media blitz was created to make the American public
believe that war on behalf of Israel and robbing us of
our rights and personal liberties would create a badly
needed security for us. All of which was entirely a
Satan and Bush fabrication!

Those who will only examine the existing evidence will
see that the twin towers were not even brought down by
the airliners crashing into them but rather were
brought down by internal demolition explosives. Like
wise, the pentagon was never even hit by a jetliner,
but rather by a cruise missile. These are only a few
examples of Ardent Zionists protecting, and prompting
Aspartame, and the dissolute politics surrounding it!
If my Zionist Jewish co-laborers don't want to wake up
to the fact that Israel is just another phony satanic
project: Well OK, but they should get ready to face
the fact that the rest of the world already knows it!
And hopefully, there may be some interesting times
ahead for all Zionists, as the world comes to demand
justice in place of all the injustices Israel has been
wreaking upon the world: This includes Aspartame!
Could the failure to do so very well even result in a
nuclear attack upon the US, by a world which demands
just retribution?

Why would some of my Jewish co-laborers ignore all
this plain evidence? Simply because Israel is a very
successful Satanic ploy, with which he has seduced
many Jews into believing they are better than the rest
of us, and more deserving, besides. (And of everything
else of which Satan can convince them to be of any
benefit to Israel or to Jews): And, is therefore good!
Even though inherently exceedingly evil: And it is
therefore to be mindlessly supported by them,
regardless of its satanic nature, intent, and origins.
"All the better!:" according to Satan, whom they dare
not question: "For the sake of Israel." "All the
better!:" If only it degrades the rest of humanity,
while advantaging Jews.

Jewish friends of mine return from Israel, after
having had all their dental work done entirely free
therein, whereby having had their mouths restored to
pristine dental condition, while Americans, who
support all of this, cannot even afford to retain
their own teeth! (Which teeth are also terribly
damaged by fluorides, which the Zionist Media, Mossad,
and their controlled US Government induced us to use
to damage our minds and independent reasoning
capabilities, by promising us: "It would SAVE OUR
TEETH!") My thus benefited Jewish friends, just cry
out: What a beautiful system! Oh! What A beautiful
place!" Zionist Satanists could truly care less what
they are doing to everyone else!

I know that many of my best Aspartame co-laborers are
still Zionistic Jews, who do not want to face the
facts of what we are really into here, and may very
well feel very personally threatened and angry because
of their irrational Zionism induced Jewish paranoia!
However! Rather than thinking their irrational anger
should control their very words and acts, and those of
EVERONE ELSE, as well: They better start facing up to
the facts that Israel and Zionism are merely Satanic
fabrications, and this is what explains why we are
being poisoned by Aspartame, MSG, fluoride and, AS
WELL!: Ineffective highly damaging vaccination
programs, which are universally being forced upon
helpless newborns to damage their developing brains.
(See my upcoming book:"Sweet Mystery in The Present

Meanwhile, we and they are supposed to just look the
other way, while the Tudor/Bushes (King George IV and
V) and their Republican supporters ride rough shod
over our economy, and our freedoms! The Bushes and
Republicans are deliberately bankrupting our nation,
both economically and morally!(In the larger sense of
the word, such as devastating the population and
environment by needlessly spraying around depleted
uranium upon the environment like it was popcorn to
feed the pigeons, and force feeding our own troops
Aspartame.) All of which sees the health of other
countries devastated! Over 50% of our Persian Gulf One
Vets already are out on medical disability, and are
frequently fostering deformed babies!(They were also
force fed Aspartame and given dangerous vaccines which
truly offered them no proven protection, both of which
only destroyed their immune systems, and directly
induced their genetic degradation!) (Ch 23 of book)

So, Dr Betty Martini: I greatly appreciate you, and
fully realize you have selflessly given your all and
everything for the benefit of humanity on these
exceedingly important and highly perilous issues. I am
one of the few people who realize you routinely work
over twenty hours per day for the good of mankind,
depriving yourself even of badly needed rest. I also
personally know you to be one of the most intelligent,
knowledgeable, caring and brilliant people I have ever
had the chance to make the acquaintance of. I am
exceedingly thankful for this opportunity to have
known and worked with you! I however, will not be
necessity, lest Satan gain anonymity for his heinous
misdeeds, and thereby enable and assist his programs
which also allows him to vastly hinder our attempts to
alert the public to these horribly damaging agents and
programs which he and his, have thrust upon us, and
into all of us!


Dr Jim Bowen

Dear Deborah,

I like your picture and what you are doing. If you
know a lady who might like to become a romantic chum
for a political dissident like myself, Please refer
her to me.

I have been run like a fox before the hounds for over
twenty years, for the "crime" of speaking out about
the poisonous biochemistry of Aspartame in 1983.
Ladies my age (I am now 65) want security above all
else they seek from a man. In all honesty, I have to
advise any interests, right from the start, that I am
targeted and will always be so. Moreover, if they
develop a relationship with me, they and theirs will
also become "targets" thereby.

One example is Mary Stoddard from Dallas Texas. She
and I were friends, and collaborators on the Aspartame
issue, for about ten years. They threatened her life,
as well as those of her children and grandchildren.
One day a package came to her boy's house.
Unthinkingly, he did just what I would do: He took it
inside. About ten minutes later the police arrived and
arrested him. When he objected that he was no
criminal, they told him: "We are arresting you for
child pornography. You are a child pornographer!" That
unopened package had three films of CP in it, which
technically made him a CPer.

You can forget about a fair trial if you are being
sent down because you are related to the crusade
against Aspartame. He was sent to prison with a
maximum sentence for Child Pornography! I know, I was
also falsely convicted of a crime, and given the
maximum sentence too! I fired my pimp attorney and
conducted my own appeal. This was fairly easy for me
to do, because they had violated fair trial standards
about three hundred times while conducting the trial,
in order to falsely convict! So, I picked out about a
hundred examples from the trial transcript, and wrote
them up for the Washington State Court of Appeals,
with appropriate references from trial law rules
established by the Appellate and Supreme Courts in
their rulings. The Court of Appeals, of course
overturned, but just a few days before my maximum
sentence was completed!

In the case of Mary's son, she had to do just one
thing for them to get her boy out of prison. She
treacherously turned on me, and helped them make the
revocation of my medical license for speaking out
about the toxic biochemistry of Aspartame, a permanent
one. Which got her boy out of prison, but he was still
listed as a "child pornographer." He could not even
get a job or house. In order to give her boy a life,
once again: They made Mary pack up all her files on
Aspartame, load them into her car, and drive to
Rockville Maryland, near Washington D.C., and
personally lug them into the FDA, and turn all her
Aspartame files over to the FDA, with the words: "I
leave this matter in your good hands." Whereupon, her
boy was given a clean record, and could go on with his

I had been sent to Maximum Security: Walla Walla,
Washington: The most dangerous cell block in the
Nation. They averaged a murder a week in that one cell
block, while I was therein. When I had arrived at the
Receiving Units in Shelton, the Warden immediately
called me in: "You are a forty five year old doctor
with no prior criminal record. You are only accused of
getting a little too fresh with an adult female. They
don't send men to prison for that! I have reviewed
your record; they did not even have any evidence
against you. Moreover, your conviction is under
appeal, you cannot even legally be confined in here! I
will have you out of here in a couple days." The
entirety and related experiences are fully documented
in my soon forthcoming book: "Sweet Mystery in the
Present Darkness: Whatever Happened to We Scientists
Who First Spoke Out Against Aspartame?" The book is
presently all written, I now just have to now get it
reviewed and published.

Booth Gardner, the Washington Governor, was a B'Nai
B'rith Satanist. A few weeks after marrying her in an
April/November marriage, he had the sole remaining
Weyerhaeuser heir bumped off, and took over
Weyerhaeuser! Because of his influence in Jewish
Satanism the murder was never even investigated, and
he went on to become the Governor of Washington. So, I
went to Max and served the sentenced time therein,
even while my conviction was under appeal! While
therein, I had syndicate contracts on my life,
straight from the Governor, and Donald Rumsfeld, the
godfather in the Jewish Mafia. You did not live for
very long in that place, with even a "cigarette
contract" on you. I remain alive after many many well
paid hits only by the protection of our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ! The well paid professional hits
on my life very suddenly stopped about five years ago.
I believe the Satanists got tired of proving time and
again: "The Lord can indeed protect a man and his
ministry, should he choose to do so!"

So please feel free to publish my letter, in case
there is one hardy female soul out there who might
choose to befriend a man like myself.


Dr Jim Bowen