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Monday, June 27, 2005

Adjustments and manipulations are not the same

As usual, John Badanes, DC, PharmD, gets right to the point. As a former chiropractic professor he understands all the issues quite well! Here is his comment at Gary Knutson's blog:

Dr. Knutson, DC:
Let me ask the reformers out there then; is what chiropractors do - manipulation - duplicated by "physical therapists and other health-care providers"?

If you want to actually answer this question, , Dr. Knutson, you need to either eliminate the term "manipulation" from the question, or, replace it with the term "Adjust." Then, the answer is easy -- and accurate.

Chiropractic "Adjustments" [of Subluxations] are what uniquely define the chiropractic profession. They always have, and, for better or worse, they always will. To the extent chiropractors give-up their proprietary adjustments of the many and variably defined chiropractic subluxations they diagnose and treat, what they do will approach -- diagnostically and therapeutically -- the generic manipulations and mobilizations of the physical therapist. To wit, those chiropractors who have given-up the chiropractic ghost altogether -- which is to say, reject what uniquely defines "chiropractic" -- they are chiropractors who don't practice "chiropractic." They look more like physical therapists because they reference the same biomedical resources. And so, their treatments are more likely to be duplicative since they would not be informed by chiropractic ideology.

You can't have it both ways. Once you realize that adjustments and manipulations are not the same -- by definition --then you have to accept the professional implications that each term has for the practice of physical medicine. Clearly, chiropractors are different than physical therapists. Define that difference and you have answered your question of "duplication."


[John Badanes, DC, PharmD]
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