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Sunday, May 29, 2005



> Hey, don't knock David. I get a mention on his site. It's in an article
> which suggests that I am part of the Illuminati.
> --
> Peter Bowditch
> The Millenium Project
> Australian Council Against Health Fraud

Hi Peter,

Just a quick off-list message. Strictly 4YEO!!


On that page is some information that shouldn't be out there! How on earth did David Icke find out about our "insider" connections? Here's what he writes, and it's out there for any idiot in cyberspace to read! :

"Bowditch also has a link to a restricted access discussion group that is only open to "approved" members. The discussion group, QuackbustersOfTheIlluminati, states its purpose as being: "This is a meeting place for the anti-alternative-medicine committee of the Illuminati, where we can meet and consider our attack on health freedom within the broader agenda of world domination." (16) It is not known what relationship Bowditch has with this group, why it is secretive or why it was formed."

Unfortunately Eve Hillary has also leaked that information about the existence of our QBOTI discussion group.....

BTW, have you gotten your decoder ring reprogrammed yet? I need to get mine taken care of. Something's wrong with it. I nearly ended up exposing my identity to some idiot CIA goofball at the airport. Their rings have a frequency that is pretty close to our's, and mine is malfunctioning, so it responded when he was within range. I approached him thinking he had a "package" for me, but he didn't know the right signal, so I drew back and disappeared as quickly as I could. The CIA is positively a nuisance. Their security is so slack! (Although, in this case, it turns out that my ring is the problem. It shouldn't have reacted to his ring.)

Let us ever remember one of the central pillars of our order, uttered by the Holy One Himself:

"The great strength of our order lies in its concealment. Let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name and another occupation." -- Adam Weishaupt

The QBOTI group was intended to be top secret, and the fact that a number of top members of the HF list are also members there shouldn't be known. That Bolen calls us Quackbusters is just fine with me, as long as the Illuminati word isn't used.

Knowledge of our connections to the Bilderbergers, the Rockefeller Foundation, Big Pharma, the existence of the New World Order timeline, the real identity of 666 and the new Pope,......yes, all of this must be kept secret. If Ickes has cracked the QBOTI, then there must be a mole somewhere. We'll have to let the Enforcer take care of it.....

I'm somewhat worried about this one. What happens if Ron Law and Tim Bolen (or, god forbid, pests like Judith Alta, Ilena Rose, and Betty Martini) find out? Bolen always talks about the "New York ad agency". I was certain I could call his bluff on that one, because he simply *couldn't* know about our real connections with "Big Pharma".....but now I'm beginning to worry. Maybe he does have some proof! If Icke knows about QBOTI, then he's got connections in the NCAHF. I don't see any other way it could happen. Have you covered your tracks well? I live as usual, so no one would suspect that my monthly paycheck is padding a rather large bank account....;-) Even my wife has no idea. (This email gets deleted from my PC as soon as it's sent.)

Has there been some former NCAHF member who is so upset that they would risk "the final solution" for traitors? Since we know that that solution is worse than death (Saddam Hussein was an amateur! He knew nothing of Reptilian torture methods.), I can hardly imagine anyone would dare to reveal our true connections.

I guess I'm old fashioned, because - in my book - a secret society is a secret society is a secret society! Internal security is getting worse and worse these days. Even our beloved Masonic order is becoming more "open" these days! The even more secret orders like the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, the *true* and now living descendents of the Merovingians, and the Elders of Zion, as well as our friends in the Church of Satan, like Anton LaVey, John Kerry, George Bush, and their Skull and Bones club.....yes, all have gotten exposure in the media. What a mess! Before we know it the conspiracy theorists will be listing the NCAHF and Quackwatch in their lists of conspirators.

Man, I've just gotten some more gray hairs over this one. We'll have to arrange a quick meeting with the Boss. You know what I mean..... I fear that he's going to be very upset with you for getting exposed by Icke.

The internet will be the death of us yet. Nothing can be kept secret anymore! Our New Wold Order is being threatened. Fortunately Bill Gates (blessed be his name!) is donating money to vaccinate the kids of the world. What a stroke of genius. (The guys at the top really figured out a good one this time, and our very vocal opposition to anti-vaxers is the perfect cover. Those anti-vaxers are so dumb!) Thus a time bomb is being planted that will, in one fell swoop, bring us much nearer our goal. What is considered help will suddenly boost our position and power in the world one hundred fold. Let the games begin! Ha ha!

Bill's Windows project is brilliant. Give the masses something that works well enough to be used by nearly everyone. The "security issues" are of course a well planned cover. Using the internet, Windows, Internet Explorer, and Google, we will have access to nearly everyone's private data, and will be able to manipulate anyone who could be a threat. All the poor without internet connections don't count, since they aren't a threat anymore. Only the well-heeled, internet savvy, can be a threat, and through the use of Windows, their email conversations, backdoor worms and viruses, and even hacking (as primitive as that is), we can keep an eye on them and control them.

So the internet is both a boon and a bane. It can be used to expose us, but we still will be able to use it to deal with any fools who are a real threat. So far Icke isn't a serious threat, and Bolen, well, he's somewhat lower than a flea's hemorrhoid on our priority list. A minor nuisance who doesn't know what he's talking about. He really is totally ignorant of what makes the body work and the real nature of health and disease. Fortunately the New York ad agency is also a third degree cover. Even if it gets exposed, they'll probably figure they've gotten to the bottom of it all, when they will only have scratched the surface......;-)

Later buddy. Be careful......


Agent 52541yyt