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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

NTLA Orders 'Bogus' St. Luke University Closed

NTLA Orders 'Bogus' St. Luke University Closed

Liberian Observer (Monrovia)
May 10, 2005
Posted to the web May 16, 2005

By James West

Lawmaking body of Liberia says it has established that the school of medicine is a fake medicine institute, has endangered the health of LIberians.

Following several weeks of investigation into its operations in Liberia, the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) says the management of St. Luke School of Medicine has endangered the health of the public and should be turned over to the Justice Ministry for prosecution.

The transitional assembly said it has been established that St. Luke School of Medicine is a fake medical institute and is not a legal establishment.

The NTLA's Joint Committee on Health and Education which conducted the probe recommended to plenary that the purported medical school be closed down immediately and all banks be instructed to freeze their assets pending the conclusion of the Justice Ministry's inquiry.

The decision was reached following a vote during Plenary to have the Justice Ministry investigate and prosecute those concerned. Twenty- nine voted in favor while 10 voted against; none abstained.

At Plenary Tuesday, the transitional assembly's Chief Clerk Atty. James Kaba read the joint committee's recommendations: " the individuals who have committed the term of malfeascence, nonfeasance, perjury against the people of Liberia and participated in deceiving the public and putting the health of citizens in danger as ultimate objective, be turned over to the Ministry of Justice for further investigation and prosecution in consonance with due process of law for their crime committed against the state.

"That the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Gerald Dolphin, be monitored not to leave the Republic of Liberia pending the decision of the Justice Ministry. This August Body declares him persona non grata;

"This August Body declares the alleged "Act" null and void. The Foreign Ministry of Liberia is instructed to cancel it effective immediately;

"The so called St. Luke School of Medicine be closed effective immediately and all banks must be instructed to freeze the assets pending the conclusion of the Justice Ministry's inquiry;

"All medical degrees issued by the St. Luke School of Medicine be nullified and anyone found using said degrees be prosecuted;

"The Board of Trustees of the St. Luke School of Medicine should be prosecuted in accordance with the Panel Code of the Republic of Liberia," the Atty. Kaba concluded.

According to the joint committee, the school graduated 30 medical doctors in four years, more then the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine of the University of Liberia.

The report named former Grand Kru County Senator Beatrice Sherman, Frank Teah, Lawrence Bestman, Charles Abdulai, Dr. Meimei Dukuly, and the Ministry of Health as members of the School's Board of Trustees.

Meanwhile, as the assembly voted to sanction the officials of the fake school, two assembly members, Thomas Nimley and Joseph Nagbe advanced notice for a Motion for Reconsideration. This indicates that the subject will be reintroduced at Plenary for further debate.

Liberian doctors in the Diaspora and Dr. Robert Kpoto blew the alarm and filed the complaint to the NTLA. The Indian Government had also requested its Consul General to verify the existence of the school in Liberia.

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