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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Belfast: Five week series of talks on Quack Medicine

From the Skeptic list:

This possibly counts as Spam but it is sort of relevant. After canceling the last time due to lack of numbers, Queens University have invited me to present this series of talks again so for anyone in the greater Belfast area who might be interested;

Next Wed, 27th April I'll be doing a five week series of talks on Quack Medicine at the Institute of Lifelong Learning at Queens University, Belfast from 7pm -9pm

As a gentle and fair minded soul I am not really covering any of the mainstream CAM therapies. Rather I will be looking at the more extreme forms of quack medicine, which also includes extreme orthodox medicine, through the years whether the practitioners were fraudulent, misguided, deluded or just plain mad. Although curiously it was my readings into this area that made me more open minded about or at least tolerant of mainstream CAM

The talks will also include practical demonstrations so feel the power of the violet wand for yourself and find out which quasi-medical device was the fifth item to be electrified in the US household.

Details at

and a sampler of the kind of things covered at