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Friday, April 08, 2005

Rebecca Carley, MD, a Disgrace to Medicine

Rebecca Lee Carley, MD, is a favorite poster girl in the weird world of antivaccination fanatics. She claims to be able to cure autistic children, as well as a number of other things, BUT she has been found "guilty of practicing while impaired by a mental disability and having a psychiatric condition which impairs her ability to practice medicine." Would you want her treating YOUR children?

The following excerpts from the hearing are quite telling. (I have highlighted some relevant passages):

22. P.O. Ellison observed that when the Respondent was asked to leave the building, she became very agitated, belligerent, and that she started yelling. Furthermore, the Respondent told P.O. Ellison that he was part of a conspiracy and she warned him and his partner, P.O. Chen, that they "were both going to get" theirs. (Tr. 776-778).

23. P.O. Ellison testified about a second incident at the DSS Offices that occurred on August 2, 2000. During this incident the Respondent began screaming at P.O. Ellison that she was going to get that "fucking" Garber (Tr. 783). The Respondent was referring to Karen Garber, an assistant director of child services (Tr. 778).

24. Finally, P.O. Ellison testified about an incident that occurred on September 6,2000 while the Respondent was visiting her son at the DSS Offices. During this visit the Respondent again violated the court order that prohibited her from discussing certain issues with her son. After the Respondent refused to stop talking about these issues, her visit was terminated and she was escorted out of the building. As P.O. Ellison and his partner were escorting the Respondent out of the building, "she became very, very agitated, very hostile, and at one point she began to throw herself against a plate glass window." She screamed that P.O. Ellison was trying to kill her; threw herself against the plate glass window again; asked for someone to help her; and, claimed to have been pregnant. The Respondent was taken to Nassau County Medical Center by ambulance and was accompanied by P.O. Ellison and his partner. When they arrived at the hospital the Respondent continued to have outbursts of screaming, yelling, cursing P.O. Ellison, and threatening his children. She also told P.O. Ellison, in effect, that he should have anal sex with Karen Garber and have demon children. A short time later, after she had calmed down, the Respondent urinated and defecated on herself and told P.O. Ellison to clean it up. (Tr. 778-782, 804-812 and 821-822; Ex E).

Now is this the type of person you'd want to be within a mile of your children?

Can such a person's judgment be trusted at all, especially in medical and scientific matters that have great consequences for individuals and society?

Just think about it - THIS is the person so many parents of autistic children trust. She even writes such nonsense as this:

Inoculations - The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction Causing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases) An Epidemic Of Genocide

More about Carley:

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Original format
"The Review Board sustained the Hearing Committee's July 16, 2003 determination finding the physician guilty of practicing while impaired by a mental disability and having a psychiatric condition which impairs her ability to practice medicine. The Review Board overturned the Hearing Committee's penalty of suspension and revoked the physician's license."

July 9, 2003

March 25, 2004

Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline