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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Antivaxers: The Lowest Form of Human Life

In his usual direct - take-no-prisoners - style, Peter Bowditch tells it like it is:

Dear Ms Lansky,

I am writing to you under my policy of maintaining kind and gentle relationships with people with whom I do not necessarily agree.

Some people say that the lowest form of human life is that group of people who abuse children. I see that you are opposed to vaccination so you are ipso facto a child abuser even though that abuse may be vicarious.

There are actually two classes of people lower than vicarious child abusers or those who prey on the children of other people. The first of these are the people who abuse their own children. The extreme of badness, however, must be people who abuse their own children for profit.

People like you, who sell books proudly announcing that you have a sick child and that you are pretending to cure him with witchcraft. I cannot imagine anything more vile than someone who lies about their children to sell books and make money. It is bad enough that you should lie to the parents of autistic children and give them false hope about magic cures, it is bad enough that you tell them not to vaccinate their children and therefore leave them exposed to deadly and disabling diseases, but it is almost beyond belief that you would exploit your own son in order to sell your lying book. That you choose to suggest the idiocy of homeopathy just increases the evil, as you are not even suggesting something which might have a faint hope of success.

I would ask you how you sleep at night and how you face your reflection in the mirror without vomiting, but I realise that for people like you these are not problems. If you ever had a conscience it would have been thrown away at the sight of the first dollar.

At least the title of the book has some truth in it. It certainly is an Impossible Cure. I suppose that you will fall back on the literal meaning of the words if anyone takes your advice and finds that their child is not cured. You will be able to say "Didn't you read the title of the book? I said it was impossible".

Have a nice day. Millions of children who have died or been disabled by vaccine preventable diseases won't have that opportunity.


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