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Sunday, April 03, 2005

19 So-Called Doctors Denied Licenses

19 So-Called Doctors Denied Licenses

The Inquirer (Monrovia)
March 30, 2005
Posted to the web March 30, 2005

As Medical Board Denounces St. Luke Medical Sch.

The Liberia Medical Board (LMB) has disclosed in Monrovia that it has denied licenses to 19 so-called graduates of the bogus school, "St. Luke Medical School."

Making the disclosure yesterday to newsmen at a news conference, LMB's Secretary General Dr. S. Benson Barh said the 19 doctors in question reportedly completed their course of study at the controversial St. Luke Medical School for the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD).

Dr. Barh, who is also Deputy Minister of Health & Social Welfare and Liberia's Chief Medical Officer, said the LMB in its meeting on February 12, 2004, received the documents of the 19 doctors for licensure from its Secretariat through Dr. Meimei Dukuly, on behalf of the St. Luke Medical School.

Dr. Barh said LMB was greatly angered by this bold and shameless act, which he noted, was considered as an insult to the integrity and professionalism of the Liberia Medical Board.

"How can the Board license graduates of a "St Luke Medical School" when she has no knowledge about such a school's operations in the country.

"The LMB can not and does not issue license to any doctor who is not a graduate of a recognized medical school; and who does not present a certificate of internship from the J. F. K Medical Center; does not satisfactorily pass a comprehensive clinical assessment examination; or who does not present a valid license from the country where he/she was trained, or has practiced medicine."

Dr. Barh said the Board did not admit the application of the so-called doctors, but rather warned the representatives of "St. Luke Medical School" to legally and properly apply to operate a medical school in Liberia by meeting all the requirements, adding "LMA is not against anyone establishing a medical school, but such process should be done legally."

Touching on the existence of St. Luke Medical School in Liberia, LMB through its Secretary General said, on March 8, 2005, it received a letter of invitation to the campus of the school in Gaye Town, Old Road, Congo Town for assessment so it could grant a permission to operate a medical school.

"On the letter of invitation, there were three documents attached to it: the Article of Incorporation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; an Act of Legislation legitimizing the establishment of the school; and a Letter of Attestation from the Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education.

"On Friday, March 18, 2005, three members of the Board including Associate Prof. Horatius Brown, Chairman of LMB, Assoc. Prof. Samuel Dopoe LMB's Chairman on Accreditation Committee, and Prof. S. Benson Barh, Secretary General. The LMB's findings were that the Board had difficulties in locating the so-called campus due to an uneasy access to a building in obscurity; the building was a run-down dwelling home under renovation by a few workers; the immediate surrounding of the building blends with the yard of dwelling homes in close proximity.

"Inside of the building of the so-called St. Luke Medical School, the LMB observed that there was no electricity, running water, library, laboratory, office for faculty, curriculum, catalog, student hand book, etc."

With regards to the Liberia Medical Board's position on the fake school, the Board said, "there is no medical school in Liberia called "St. Luke Medical School;" the Board can not and shall not discuss application of any "Doctor" from St. Luke Medical School unless it is accredited; and any attempt henceforth to abuse and insult the integrity and professionalism of the Liberia Medical Board will leave the Board with no alternative but to turn the perpetrators and their collaborators over to the Justice Ministry for prosecution."