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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Third Skeptics' Circle

The Third Skeptics' Circle

The third Skeptics' Circle is off and running at Radagast's home. It's a great a collection of skeptical writing from other skeptical bloggers. The first was hosted by St. Nate, first Skeptics' Circle, and Orac hosted the second Skeptics' Circle.

Each of them chose a different format, which makes for interesting reading, and access to the greatest skeptical writing on the blogosphere. The third edition contains 21 excellent articles. Read them, link to them, and above all link to the blog sites.

My own entry was a letter from the founder of chiropractic, the spiritualist grocer, DD Palmer:

D.D. Palmer's Religion of Chiropractic.

It's a blockbuster piece of self-incriminating self-glorification, from Old Dad himself. You can't get it much better than that! It's a rare historical document.

Believe it or not, most chiropractors aren't even aware of this letter, nor do they really understand the religious foundations of their profession.

Chiropractic has been called a biotheology for good reasons.

You see, Palmer wasn't very public with his real views about his religion. But in this private letter to another chiro, he let his guard down and revealed them. He claims to have received chiropractic from the spirit world, and anyone who believes the Old Testament knows that God condemned any attempted communication with the spirit world, and the divinely ordained punishment was death. You see, the source of that information was the devil himself, and God had no sympathy with necromancers or those who used them.

Real chiropractic is defined, not by its use of spinal manipulative therapy, but by its reasons for using it. The chiropractic adjustment is a religious sacrament that is administered by a priest of the Church of the Holy Adjustment. You see, so-called "chiropractic subluxations" (an imaginary entity, and not the same thing as a real orthopedic subluxation) are, to a real chiropractor, what amounts to original sin. The priest claims to reestablish your broken connection to Universal Intelligence. Now, considering the original source of that information, who other than the devil could be that so-called "Intelligence"? Your first adjustment has the potential for establishing contact with the world of quackery, as well as manipulation of more than your spine.

Here is another entry on this subject: Chiropractic: Science or Religion?