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Friday, March 11, 2005

Position Statement Regarding the Proposed Chiropractic School at FSU

Position Statement Regarding the Proposed Chiropractic School at FSU

Board of Governors

Capital Medical Society

January 2005

Currently politicians, not science-based academicians, have decided to impose a chiropractic school at Florida State University. The decision about what is taught and awarded recognition should come from scientific research and considered academic opinion. It should not come from political pressure or non-academic bodies.

No major medical institution or state university has established a chiropractic school. If FSU is to do so, its newly accredited medical school will suffer diminished stature and credibility.

Tallahassee area physicians believe a chiropractic school is not in the best interest of FSU and its newly created medical school. This affiliation will serve to legitimize the unscientific and even anti-scientific philosophies and practices associated with chiropractic, including subluxation theory, treatment of a wide range of non-musculoskeletal ailments, pediatric chiropractic and anti-immunization sentiment.

We support an immediate moratorium on establishing the chiropractic school at FSU and encourage a public forum where the issues can be reviewed.

The Capital Medical Society asks the FSU Board of Trustees and the Florida Board of Governors to vote against the establishment of a chiropractic school at FSU.