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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Unlikely Duo Proves True Chiropractic Success Looks Totally Different Than What the Gurus Say It Should

Unlikely Duo Proves True Chiropractic Success Looks Totally Different Than What the Gurus Say It Should

Chiropractors are constantly hammered with new ways to build their practice volume but a reclusive business consultant and his chiropractic partner say they're dead wrong. To prove it, the pair has just released a first-ever peek "behind-the-scenes" into one of their exclusive Chiropractic Mastermind coaching groups.

"When I first met Jeffrey Smith I had built two 100%-cash, 100%-referral practices," says Pennsylvania chiropractor Tony Palermo.

"But I was burned out. I followed everything the gurus said about building volume and business was absolutely great. Problem was: there was no "me" left to serve my practice members."

"Tony didn't understand that the key to success was making his practice support his ideal life... even if that meant his practice had to look totally different from what all the business-building experts out there said it should look like," chimes in Smith from his office in Las Vegas. "Once he learned the secrets, in a matter of just a few months he not only generated a 100% increase in his income... but did it while working just 9 hours a week!"

Smith continued, “Still, we had a huge list of chiropractors who couldn’t afford to dive into our full-blown program, so we finally decided to test something we’d never tried before -- conducting a multi-day seminar explaining the entire process completely by telephone. While we only did this once, we recorded everything on tape. And when everyone on the call started asking for a copy, we decided to release the entire training on audio CDs.”

Smith and Palermo both warn, “Be prepared to open you mind because we turn much of what you know upside down. Your practice has got to support your ideal life -- not the other way around. Almost everyone has got it backwards.”

The entire live, 6-day telecoaching “seminar-by-phone” covers many of the key elements from the pair’s proprietary 2X+1 Mastermind coaching program that chiropractors worldwide have paid up to $7,980 to join. 2X+1 is designed to enable the chiropractor to double his or her income within one year (the 2X part) while at the same time taking one extra day off each week (the +1 portion).

Called the 2X+1 Power Principles package, it’s contained on 8 full-length CDs and includes all written materials made available to the original participants. To learn more about this unique program, go to