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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sparks Fly Over FSU's Proposed Chiropractic School

Jan. 14, 2005

Sparks Fly Over FSU's Proposed Chiropractic School

Dozens weighed in on a proposed chiropractic school at Florida State University in a meeting of the minds at FSU Thursday during a public hearing on the issue of the new chiropractic school.

Anthony Frawley, a physicist at FSU, says, 'I think there are genuine concerns about some people in chiropractic who have some strange ideas, but I think mainstream evidence-based chiropractic is very useful.'

Some at Thursday's meeting say among the many issues causing fireworks is an underlying rift between two professions, that of a medical physician and that of a chiropractor.

Dr. Dennis Fiorini, chiropractor, says, 'A lot of medical physicians are thinking that the chiropractors are standing up and saying: �hey, we are better than you are and we're going to do this, and do it without medicine and without surgery.� '

Dr. Johntassel, a chiropractic physician, adds, 'I think this school should be built on that positive relationship between medical doctors and chiropractors and should not be destroyed by negativity and 60-year-old innuendo.'

Those for the school say it's about science and about what helps people the most.

Dennis says, 'This type of university having this type of school or college will enable us to do more research, and then FSU will be at the forefront of that.'

FSU Provost Larry Abele says the Board of Governors will discuss and hopefully make a decision on this issue during a January 27 meeting. Several professors in FSU's College of Medicine have threatened to resign in the midst of this controversy.

The FSU Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet Friday afternoon at 1:30 with the chiropractic school as an agenda item.