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Friday, January 21, 2005

SICA Reflects on FSU Chiropractic College

Notice: This is from a true believer chiroquack school.

May 2004

SICA Reflects on FSU Chiropractic College

By: Brett L. Casanova , SICA President

As I am sure many of you know by now, the Florida legislature has approved plans for Florida State University to open a college of Chiropractic Medicine. That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. Chiropractic Medicine? Give me a break. This may seem like a joke, or at least utterly ridiculous. But think of the consequences of this decision. FSU is a public school, which means the cost of tuition will be much lower than any of the private Chiropractic schools. Many come to Chiropractic college never having been adjusted, or having Chiropractic experiences. They usually attend a school who then teaches them the philosophy, science and art. What kind of philosophy, science and art will this school of medicine teach?

This term sets a dangerous precedent that we must not allow to continue. This is a definite yet another step in the path for us to go the way of the Osteopaths. Unknowing students will enroll and from then on, this is what they will know Chiropractic to be. Is that what we want? Sure it will be more affordable and possibly more accessible, but what will be the quality of ChiropracTIC education? Furthermore, there is already a school in Florida. Some would argue that Florida is a large state, there are already many Chiropractors there and many more people would like to practice there. I cannot argue with that, we always need more. So why not open another ChiropracTIC school? Why a school of Chiropractic Medicine?

Who will teach these new Chiropractic Physicians? Why do the students have to get a Masters degree with the D.C. (D.C.M.?) degree? If this is successful, will other states follow this trend? If so, how long will people continue to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a real Chiropractic education? In the future, if news programs such as 20/20, Dateline or 48 Hours would decide to do a story on Chiropractic, where do you think they will go? To Palmer, which they have probably never heard of or FSU? My vote goes to FSU. Is that the publicity we want? More publicity showing chiropractors as pseudo-medical doctors? We are a separate, distinct and unique profession. I, for one, want to remain as such.

The push to open this new school is just another chance for “them” to drive us into legislative oblivion as B.J. warned. Though they may try, as Dr. Braile said when he was here in April, legislators cannot define Chiropractic. Chiropractic is defined in our principles and in our philosophy. They can say that Chiropractors may legally do that which is not ChiropracTIC in their offices, but it does not change the principle. There are people out there still working to try and defeat this disastrous move on the part of the Florida legislator. Our fight to keep ChiropracTIC alive and well is a daily one. This is but one battle, but it is a very important one. Be sure to keep your eye on the situation, stay aware and informed. We will update you as we get new information at our meetings. The Student ICA meets every Friday at 9:20AM in W308.

Published: May 2004