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Friday, January 21, 2005

FSU Bonecrackers

December 9, 2004

FSU Bonecrackers

Rick Flagg
Capitol News Service

If Florida State University is serious about opening a new school for chiropractors, the Governor says they need to go through proper channels. The state legislature approved funding for the school earlier this year, but Jeb Bush says they didn’t go through the Board of Governors…… the group that runs the state’s higher education system.

"The Board of Governor’s has the power and the authority to approve programs like the Chiropractic school at FSU. President Wetherell disagrees with that apparently or until recently has so I think that needs to be clarified first, first and foremost irrespective of whether it’s approved or not. There needs to be an affirmation that the Board of Governor’s has that power,” says Governor Bush.

Bush says he’s still committed to funding the chiropractic school, but he wants it to have the seal of approval from the Board of Governors before any money is spent.