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Saturday, January 15, 2005

FSU Board of Trustees votes yes on chiropractic college

Posted on Fri, Jan. 14, 2005

FSU Board of Trustees votes yes on chiropractic college


TALLAHASSEE - Florida State University's Board of Trustees voted 11-2 today to move ahead with a controversial chiropractic college proposal and to send the measure to the Florida Board of Governors, the statewide panel that oversees public universities.

There is speculation that the Board of Governors will kill the proposal. A chiropractic college would make FSU the first public university in the nation to offer a doctorate in chiropractic.

But many of the trustees made it clear that even if the Board of Governors approve it, the program would be investigated and reviewed further by the university faculty before it would be actually happen.

The vote followed a lengthy discussion about whether the chiropractic program would harm the image of FSU and its fledling medical school. Several trustees said they did not feel qualified to answer the question on whether chiropractic is appropriate for a major research university to teach.

FSU Board of Trustees chairman John Thrasher made it clear that he did not consider the vote a final decision on the fate of the college.

''I'm not voting to approve a chiropractic college,'' said Thrasher. "Before we go through an extensive amount of time and energy and work among our faculty and students, we ought to ask them to proceed whether we can investigate it further.''