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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Chiroquackery: Wellness May Be Adjustment Away

Can anyone still have doubts about chiropractic being quackery after reading this? This is very common. This chiro isn't one of the old-school BJ Palmer disciples, but a modern day chiro who graduated from Life in 2000. Yes, they are still being produced.


Wellness May Be Adjustment Away

By Kimberly Wills

Ask anyone not familiar with chiropractic care and they’ll tell you it’s about getting your spine adjusted. But chiropractic care involves more than the cracking of a few vertebra. Chiropractic care and nutrition are “well care” aspects of healthcare, treating patients in order to keep them well and prevent illness instead of “sick care” that treats symptoms of an illness or disease.

“It’s important to focus on wellness ... our philosophy is to make the body healthy instead of just worrying about sick care,” said Dr. Jeff Hall. Using 10 steps to wellness, a chiropractor can help a patient achieve better health. The ten steps were created by Dr. John Brimhall.

• Re-establish structural integrity. This is the foundation of health, according to Hall. A compromised structural integrity can be caused by an accident, a fall or even stress. Most often, this problem can be addressed using chiropractic adjustment, cranial adjustment, applied kinesiology, adjustor and percussion instruments, and through massage, Hall said. “A simple chiropractic adjustment can balance the nervous system. When the system is balanced, it’s healthy and helps prevent disease,” he added.

• Rebalance electro-magnetics. The human body has an electromagnetic field that can be interrupted through electronics encountered in daily life. “Cell phones, microwaves, and computers are all a form of electromagnetic pollution and this gets our spine out of alignment and disrupts the nervous system” Hall said. One way of balancing this problem is using a multi-polar magnet, worn by the patient. “That’s why some people respond well to magnetic soles in their shoes or magnetic bracelets,” Hall said.

• Reset adrenals. The adrenals are glands that control cortisol and the best way to balance these is through adjustments, Hall said. People should also limit caffeine, sugar and white flour and to consider proper supplements.

• Replenish nutrition for organs, glands or systems weakness Nutrition deficiencies are addressed by wellness steps three through seven. According to Hall, surveys show that 20 percent of Americans never eat vegetables, while 40 percent rarely eat fruit or drink fruit juices.

• Reduce infective organisms in the body, such as yeast and parasites. “Sometimes people are missing an aspect of nutrition and we correct this through supplementation,” Hall said. Supplements can also be used to remove infective organisms.

• Replace enzymes and or aid digestions, assimilation and elimination “A lot of people have digestive problems and need proper enzymes,” Hall said.

• Restore proper bowel flora to optimize colon function.

• Desensitize the body for any allergies or sensitivities. Allergies trigger the immune system and can lead to interference in the physiological balance, Hall said. Through adjustment and pressure, the body can be reprogrammed to be less sensitive to allergies. A healthy, natural diet helps, too.

• Release emotional tension and limiting belief systems. “Have a positive outlook,” Hall said. “Remove negative thoughts – however a patient decides to do that, through spirituality or yoga. Basically emotional stress are 1/3 cause of all sickness. You never talk to some one who’s unhappy and feels well.”

• Remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body. There is a great deal of talk in the medical field about mercury in fish, Hall said. This is an example of a heavy metal toxin that can be absorbed by receptors in the body. A build up of toxicity causes problems by blocking receptors in the body. “What I do is check patients for heavy metal toxicity and remove it from the body through detoxification procedures,” Hall said.

These ten steps are the beginning of wellness. Focusing on well care can cut down on prescription drug usage and visits to the doctor for “sick care,” Hall said.