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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Chiropractic College at FSU

Jan. 13, 2005


Florida State University has been given $9 million a year to start a college that would offer a doctor in chiropractic degree. But the program may be killed by the Board of Governors. Some of the key players in the debate:

The Florida Legislature: Lawmakers, led by Sens. Jim King and Dennis Jones, in 2004 handed FSU $9 million a year to run the chiropractic college and passed a law authorizing the creation of the college.

The FSU Board of Trustees: The panel, which is appointed by the governor, oversees FSU operations. The board is expected to vote on the chiropractic college proposal Friday.

The Florida Board of Governors: The statewide panel, created by a 2002 constitutional amendment, has the ultimate power to run Florida's 11 public universities. In November, the board declared that despite the Legislature's action creating the program, the Board of Governors will have the final say on whether a new chiropractic college will be created.